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I enjoy many hobbies and all things gaming including:

  • board games (obviously)
  • video games (console, PC, whatever)
  • Role playing games of all stripes
  • Painting miniatures
  • assembling and painting model planes, tanks, cars etc
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The chancellor is also new I believe. 

That's the one.  

The original version is fine but for me it wasn't enough players as I played it at work during lunch break (back when we did that) and we often had 5 or 6 people. 

I also had the deluxe premium version which was very nicely done but it doubled the roles which moved the game in to being too hard to teach for what it was range.

The new version is perfect.  6 players but not a lot more to teach and the new roles fit in nicely with the existing ones.  

I love painting them but I cannot stand painting the same mini many many times.  I painted #Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls and did details on all the models and it nearly drove me insane. 

When I painted #DOOM: The Board Game I did the imps and soldiers in basically a base colour and then picked two or three details to paint and left the rest.  Still looks good on the table and was way less madness inducing.

Live and learn!

I find the swingy part typically comes from the scheming.  Take Rhino for example, his main scheme succeeds if he gets 7 scheme tokens on it per player.  If he fulfills the scheme you lose.  The scheme starts with 1 scheme per player I think.

So on turn 1 perhaps you stay in your alter ego.  He puts 1 scheme on it per turn no matter what then he does his own scheme where he will add 1 - 4 more scheme on it.  So at that point you will have 3 - 6 scheme on it depending on your boost draw.

THEN you draw the encounter card and one of them says, "The villain schemes"... so it's quite possible that you just lost.

In multiplayer games those turns are bad but not game ending because his scheme will require 14, 21, or 28 tokens to fulfill so you can react to a bad turn.  In solo...you are out of luck.

Mind you, many of the villains require more than 1 scheme to be fulfilled to win.  Rhino being kind of the learner villain just has the one which is easier to teach but is hard to beat solo.

I kickstarted Frosthaven a while ago and I am definitely looking forward to that one.  Gloomhaven has been a top game for me and I'm looking forward to seeing how he has tweaked the formula!

If you are playing it one handed solo then spiderman justice would be a good way to start.  But honestly you can win with any of them with different combinations of aspects.  

The one thing to remember with solo is that it can be really swingy and since the margins are small it is possible to do everything right and still get trounced.  But if you can accept that you're in for a great time!  I love the playing a game, tweaking the deck, playing again loop.  Also, use the Marvel Champions Deckbuilder website for tracking and tweaking your decks.  It makes it a lot easier!

Nicely done!  It's always nice to add a bit of bling to a game by painting mini's.  You get the fun of painting and it adds to future gaming experiences!

It's also nice that you didn't have to paint 20 minion level characters.  I just find that tedious and boring!

Wow, that is a good week!  Not much to say about the games.  It's a good set of them for sure.  Do you have the 2019 version of Love Letter?  It's probably the best of the bunch in my opinion.  Added just enough to hit a sweet spot without overdoing it.

Caverna is a favourite of mine as well.  Finding the expansion is pretty hard but I have played it online with my friends in Tabletop Simulator.  Asymetrical player powers are always fun but I figure I can grab it when I see it.

Yeah, online is a lot harder to keep an eye on everyone else for sure.  

I could see fort being a good warmup game.  I think we prefer race for the galaxy when we have some spare time at the end of the main game.

I had my highest score in my last game at about 319 and I tied another person in our group who had his highest score if you can believe that.  My last round I think I scored 140ish points give or take.  To score 500 points though...you'd have to be playing a game where no one else was trying to do the things you were doing maybe?

Maybe fall flat is too strong a phrase.  It was fine but didn't blow me away which was the hype at the time.  I have only played it the once though so who knows?

Russian Railroads is a favourite of my group.  It's just balanced so well and the play time is perfect in my opinion.  Wonderful game.

We've played Hansa Teutonica once and it was good but definitely need another round or two of it to really get it.  

Fort fell pretty flat for me but I can see how it is enjoyable for others.


I wish I had realized the differences in modern board games a bit earlier because man am I enjoying them! 

I've played Gugong a few times.  It has the interesting hook of the gifts.  Overall I felt it was fine.  Not bad, not standout in my opinoin.

Spirit Island is such a good game.  I have to admit to buying the expansions despite having not played through all of the spirits or european powers in the base game.  I know I will over time though as it is not leaving my collection anytime soon that I can see!

Got quite a few different games in this week again:

  • #Andean Abyss (solo, physical) x3: I enjoyed #Cuba Libre so much I had to pick this one up.  Solo is pretty fun!  The bots did a decent job for sure but it's more fun with other players for sure!
  • #Marvel Champions: The Card Game (solo, physical) x2:I felt like a little Thor action so I built a Thor Justice deck.  With a couple of games against the Green Gobling I lost the first game with some nasty luck.  Tweaked the deck a bit and managed to take him down the second game!
  • #Underwater Cities with #Underwater Cities: New Discoveries (multiplayer, TTS): Finished off the game we started last week. I managed to pull out a close win!
  • #Dogs of War (Multiplayer, TTS):  First time playing this one.  I wouldn't mind giving it another whirl.  I like the back and forth and bluff/double bluff wondering where other players are going to go.  I pulled off a pretty sizeable win by getting points during the round and some good noble house "investments" late in the game.
  • #Arkwright (Multipayer, TTS): Second time plaything this game and I think I started to grasp it a lot more.  A third game should have a lot more control.  I managed to squeak out a win despite going a bit heavy in to making money rather than increasing my stock price. I bought all of my stock and a late factory build gave me just enough stock price to take the win.
  • #Pericles: The Peloponnesian Wars (solo, physical) x2: Man, I just love this game!  Second solo game, this time as a spartan faction, and I'm really enjoying it.  It captures what I've read about the war in a nice package.  I can just tell that subtleties are in there and starting to peak out.  I only hope I can get 3 other players to play it one day!