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Congrats on the win hope you were excited for it!

Hope everyone enjoyed the day!

Appreciate the work, will definitely get use out of this.

Hoping to attend a convention for the first time when corona gets around to leaving. Looks like it will be a dangerous event.

Could you provide examples of images, of yours that are on this site, that are also on bgg? Users make edits to this site so I wouldn't be surprised if some gathered stuff from bgg.

I like to think that a lot more people picked up the hobby while in isolation. Seems like it would of been one of the easier transitions for someone to make when at home with a lot of time. Mostly if they have people they live with.

Settle for getting it sold and bringing something else to the table instead 

Thanks for the post, dont think I'd win with that many entries but here's hoping

It's okay I can be the Chris you want me to be

Thanks for the sneak peak, looks interesting. Definitely wasn't on my radar.

Loving the updates, sites looking really nice. Hopefully you guys can mesh it all together more.

Cbrady after his last $200 win ..... "I promise I'll relax for the next few giveaways and let someone else get some glory :D"

You guys work fast, thanks

Well its time you met me, I dont think Carcassonne is that great at all! Just kidding I haven't played it but it does look like it would work very well for introducing new players but some of the mechanics may be confusing.

Gotta find a way to reignite the love that was there before lol

Interesting choice on the 3 year old video, is that your channel?

Hey I think the site could benefit from being able to have posts show the recently updated however along ago but also have the date posted once the post is clicked on. Always seems strange to not know the timing of posts

She does, and she definitely enjoys it, but it's for sure my hobby that she enjoys spending time with me doing

The player boards are the worst part for myself and that doesn't seem to have a fix for it unfortunately

Hmm I guess maybe flairs instead of premium user, they could have other options. Also maybe not specific to premium but some sort of hidden challenges for the site that unlock badges you can choose to put on your account. Such as comment this many time, use this feature, buy premium. Thinks of that sort would be interesting but not urgent update. in case either idea is of interest.

They're lucky they nailed it out of the park with gameplay otherwise I think a lot more people would give it negative reviews and perceptions