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Marshwiggle92Level 73

I am a Kansas farm boy, currently living and working in rural El Salvador.

I am primarily a solo gamer. I do enjoy playing multiplayer games, but, since having moved away from those I used to game with, I have turned more and more to solo gamer. As I have grown in my life as a solo gamer, I have come to regard it super highly. No longer is it merely a poor substitute for multiplayer gaming, but, almost, a preference. 

My main interest is heavier games that I can play solo. I am particularly fascinated by games with strong historical themes. My top 5 as of of the end of 2020 are:

  1. #Navajo Wars
  2. #1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties
  3. #Pax Pamir (Second Edition)
  4. #Pax Porfiriana
  5. #Star Trek: Frontiers


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I am really eager to see the Oath solo play. It is zany enough that I think it might be great, or it might be a total bust. Either way, I am interested.

I assume the comment I made before you posted this counts?

Good deal, I am actually not on the P500. It had already made the cut when I found out about it, so I decided to get it in retail. 

For some reason I didn't know  this existed. I knew about #Unfair.... But, not this.

I really am interested in #The King is Dead: Second Edition. It's gorgeous, and the gameplay looks great.

I did pull up a game page this morning, even before seeing this, and I did notice it did seem faster, so, thanks. 

Several of these are very much games I'm interested in. 

#John Company (Second Edition) has been on my radar for a long time. I started wanting 1e about the time it was not available any more. I'm still waiting to see their final proposal and the price. But, I am nearly certain to back this when it hits Kickstarter.

Of course I'm excited for #Oath: Chronicles of Empire and Exile. But I'm scared it's not for me. I really need to see some more playthroughs, especially solo. I really can't get a good idea of this one from the rule book. 

#Tinners' Trail is something I'm quite interested in. I've long been intrigued by Wallace, but have yet to play any. I do believe this remastering will include a solo mode, so that is interesting for me.

#Burncycle the thing that scares me about this one is the cooperative aspect. I find myself leaning further and further away from co-ops.

#Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition I'm sorta interested, but I am waiting to hear more.

Another game I'm super excited for is #Border Reivers. This is designed by Ed Beech, and is a bit of a continuation of the system he used in #Here I Stand and #Virgin Queen. It's a historical period and place I live. It supports solo play. And, it's a wargame with wooden animeeples.... What more could you want? 

Oooo, I love this sort of question. After a quick perusal of your collection, I think I would probably try to hold out for #Scythe.

It is unlike any other game in your collection. I don't know if your wife would like it or not, but especially if you can get your group interested in it.... That would be great. And, even for solo play, it's solid. The AI has a learning curve, but it's a good solid game. 

That is cool, I will have to check some of these out.

Way to go.

Also, a possible reason for the downtick in traffic has to do with people getting back to work after the holidays, and, in the US, preocupation with political climate.

I don't know what it is for you. I think for me it becomes less interesting as I refine my tastes. As my tastes become more particular, it becomes harder to be tempted by stuff that doesn't fit in my wheelhouse.

Yep, I looked into it a bit, and while I think it looks interesting I don't think it looks like it is for me.

Many old/traditional abstracts very much fit this... But, for modern games, I don't have quite as many. I would say that #Dominion can be that way. You could also check out #Shobu. I have played it only once.... but, it seems like it would fit this criteria.

I loved the introduction to this review.

For quite awhile this has been a game I really want to play, but not quite sure I want to own it. I don't think your review actually pushed me to the "own" side of the spectrum.... But, it certainly pushed me closer to the "own" side.

#Race for the Galaxy. My favorite count is 2, but, I love it at all player counts. I have only gotten to play #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) solo, but I have heard that it is good at all player counts as well.

Edited to add #Dominion and #Catan.

Not currently residing in the US, but I do wish the best sort of success for you and your game.

I think 4 or 5 is my favorite player count for Scythe. I am amazed at how you seem to enjoy stretching the boundries of games like this. Keep it up.

I have been becoming increasingly interested in solo RPGs, I am thinking of stuff like #Thousand Year Old Vampire (First Printing).