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I am a Kansas farm boy, currently living and working in rural El Salvador.

I am primarily a solo gamer. I do enjoy playing multiplayer games, but, since having moved away from those I used to game with, I have turned more and more to solo gamer. As I have grown in my life as a solo gamer, I have come to regard it super highly. No longer is it merely a poor substitute for multiplayer gaming, but, almost, a preference. 

My main interest is heavier games that I can play solo. I am particularly fascinated by games with strong historical themes. My top 5 as of of the end of 2020 are:

  1. #Navajo Wars
  2. #1862: Railway Mania in the Eastern Counties
  3. #Pax Pamir (Second Edition)
  4. #Pax Porfiriana
  5. #Star Trek: Frontiers


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Personally I think that engaging in the comments is more important than updates. Both projects I have backed from Wehrligig have had a fairly low amount of updates. But, Drew Werhle, has really been a champ in the comments section answering questions as they come up..... and that gives it a completely different feeling than the kickstarter I backed from Ion Game Studios/SMG where they were slow with updates and engagent in the comments.

This actually really sounds like a great expansion. Maybe I should get it for my brother in law that has the required game and expansions.

I don't have a question for you Artem. I just wanted to tell you how much I admire you picking yourself up and dusting yourself off after the issues surrounding #Unbroken. I am so happy to see that you have remained unbroken, and I trust that Redemption will be a good redemption for you.

LOL, I am glad that you have repented of the folly of your youth.

Part of the cost of sending out the component is the associated costs of maintaining a stock of those components. Companies like Stonemair, who do replace their compoents must maintain a stock of components somewhere. This can run into a decent amount of storage and labor costs, for what is a, comparatively, rare problem. This is something that the publisher needs to handle, and it is labor intensive process for a publisher, especially when compared witht he amount of work they tend to put into a finished game once it is manufactured. Furthermore, they must take care to produce a bunch of "random" parts for each game they publish, It is these associated costs, increased production, increased labor, and increased storage costs, that can often make it more expensive to ship a part than a whole game.


That being said. I do not like Asmodee's policy. I think very long and hard before I buy anything from Asmodee these days.

I've been pondering this since y'all announced it. I'm really excited for it, I hope that it does really well.

Well, I am pleased to say that you did fine, just fine. There is actually only one wrong answer, mint chocolate chip, and a dissapointing number of people choose that one wrong answer.....LOL

I second some of 's suggestions. I feel like there is more than one sort of "tightness" in games, and I'm not sure what exactly types you are looking for, however, some that might fit....

#Impulse Carl Chudyk isn't known  for designing tight game. But, the impulse mechanism in this one is really really cool. Everything you put into the impulse is giving your opponents opportunities. 

I haven't played it yet, but you could also look into #Air, Land, & Sea.


I'm on zero discord servers.... Tell me why I should be on this one, or any other.... I really don't even feel like I have a good feel for what a discord server is.

You are right. This game is fiddly, luck can affect this way more than I wish for a game that is this long. It's best with the full player count. It has so many things that are just sorta wrong about. But, man it is fun. I love this game, it finally dropped off of my top 10, I think it is currently at 11 for me. The only thing that makes it drop a bit for me is I can't play it very often, in fact, I haven't played it since I have moved to Central America..... #Fief: France 1429 should be talked about more. I think it should be more popular game. It is a game that is deeply flawed, and somehow, those flaws even manage to elevate the game in some ways.

I've certainly reported a number of them, but I do think that controls have gotten a lot better.


Nice, I am glad you got a chance to try this. I too think I would love the two eras.  

I look forward to these monthly breakdowns. It's part of a real community service, thank you sir.

You know Hogan had a lot more fun in that particular war..... you might have had more fun as well if you would have named him Hogan......LOL

"I see nooothing.... I hear nooothing....!"

Kommandant Klink.....LOL Could you give him a monocle?