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I agree! Luxor has turned out to be a game that I really enjoy. I've never played it on a real table, but I would like to. The card drawing mechanic is really fun. 

You're welcome. Sounds like you know about redemption and character, among other things. 

Prior to reading this interview I was unfamiliar with you and your trying experience with the previous project, but you come across as a great guy. You sound committed, determined, concerned, sacrificing and so much more. The best to you in your endeavors. Thanks for being a positive role model as you complete and overcome and jump back in again to what you clearly love and enjoy. And your idea of a game about a Hobbit Inn that serves many characters is very appealing to me. The thrill of adventure in the books is great, but the lure of the peaceful Shire is where I really belong. 🙂

#Downforce was good. I didn't see an invitation to play again, but would be glad to. I understand it better now having played once. 

I went against my general practice of buying real deals and got Dune Imperium when it was priced at $50 in December and really like it. Glad to have gotten it on the front end of it's popularity. I'm usually playing catch-up. 😂

It's so interesting about the hits Five Tribes has been getting. I was part of that crowd, but cannot recall an outside source that brought it to my radar. Yet, it's clearly not just me who has been checking it out. Throughout the week I saw the price climb a bit on Amazon. While shopping on Tuesday I saw the availability of a dinged copy for $30. With a gift card I jumped at getting an additional $15 off. We'll see on Friday if it was a good decision or not. Hoping the scuffed up box is the extent of it. 

I see your point and love it when the theme is fleshed out well, too. Some games try, but don't quite pull it off. 

Thanks! Maybe when game gatherings resume. 

You sound like a positive addition to a gaming group. I agree that attitude can really make a difference in enjoyment. One bad attitude has killed a game before and that's not any fun. 

You've said a lot  of good stuff here. I love Orleans and have all the expansions and extras. I also have and enjoy Istanbul so I'm sad you parted with that one, too. 

Finally, when is your wedding? It's great that you are marrying someone who enjoys games, too. 

That's great. I hope you enjoy it. 

Yep. I agree. And it's fun to look back at the end of the game/story and talk about how I was moving in this direction and had to make a change to something else which then led to this move and on it goes. Whether I win or lose its the experience of the game that is satisfying. However, those victories are mighty sweet, too. 

I think the recent game that stirred up my question was one that involved a good bit of math during play. I enjoyed the game, but it didn't capture my imagination as much as my favorites do. More familiarity with the game may help me move from the analytical focus to the story involved. 

I have only played Terraforming Mars with the app, but I'm impressed with the game and would like Underwater Cities if they are similar.

Yeah, there are some games I would like to own, but my best gaming friend has them so I try to refrain from getting them. Of course there is always another game of interest in line. 🙂

Thanks for your input. At least you know what you like even if it makes no sense to anyone else. Just pass out a wish list on all appropriate occasions and you'll be fine. 😁

Great answer! Thanks. I agree that the group/audience has a real bearing on what we enjoy with them. Your last statement says it well. Makes me think of so many good times around the game table. 

Glad to hear again that Five Tribes is so good. Thanks for your input. 

Hey, man, you know how to make a guy feel welcomed. I appreciate that! My name on BGA is ScottManTN. I haven't spent much time there in a while, but I look forward to it.

These are all good, but I especially agree with the first two. I love to have lots of options on decisions throughout a game. Castles of Burgundy comes to mind as one that does that. Sometimes I can come up with several options of ways to use my dice in a turn and end up doing something completely different than I had in mind when my turn started. 

And I agree about a game being fun when the excitement is building.  It's so fun when I end my turn already excited about what I'm  going to get to do next - unless an opponent gets in the way. 🙂

A sense of things moving forward and coming together is important to me in a game. Even if I don't win having accomplished and created are important. 

I have one friend that I used to play with who did that and it was always my games that we played. It seemed petty to say anything though. We're still friends, by the way, but live in different states. If he comes to visit I'll just start by giving him a spare die and say fiddle with this. 😂

Thanks! You've previously invited me to defeat, uh I mean to a game of T'zolkin. 

Don't use the game pieces, tiles or cards as your worry stone, rubbing and fingering them over and over. 

This one is new to me, but I like bag builders, too and have Orleans, Altiplano and Hyperborea. I haven't been able to play anything in the Clank world. 

Oh, Underwater Cities! That's also on my list. And Five Tribes!

Miniature Market has some games that are  attractive to me that aren't new. And they are often very reasonably priced in one of their sales. I would probably go for several of them. New Bedford and Ceylon are two examples. (Edit. I meant New Amsterdam, but New Bedford has looked good, too.)