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T-Rex are known for their generosity and kindness

Scoreboard say differently 😜

03/08/2021 #Union City Alliance Heroes Unite Deckbuilding Board Game NEW on TTS with Steve from OSCS and Paul Mal how, the creator. We played a game laying the smackdown on those dino gangsters. It was tense but fun, and we won, though I died at the end because I was so eager to fight. 

03/12/2021 #Danger Park with the Friday night crew. We had a blast, though the game is quite mean. 

03/14/2021 #Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid with the #Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – Green With Evil, #Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Legendary Ranger Tommy Oliver Pack, #Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – White Light, and #Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Zeo Ranger Pack, with Mike from the OSCS and Chuck.  This was on TTS. We took a big L on that one, though technically it was unfinished. 

03/15/2021 #Valeria: Card Kingdoms – Darksworn on TTS with Steve from OSCS. We won, even though Steve definitely tried to betray me by rolling 6s! needs to have a talk with his flesh vessel. 

Finally, I have an asynchronous game of #Draftosaurus going with , , Carson's lady Sarah, and someone else on BoardGameArena. I don't know if they're on here. They are probably frustrated with how long it takes me to take my turns, but I do work a ton and am typically not home or have computer access during the day. I think I messed up on my placements, but I will try again!


Haha i know right 

The designer's house 

No I'd say it's Eric's and facebook's fault

Well I've been having an in-person game night every Friday since April 

Yes! It's excellent

Yes for sure. And he says great things!

Haha okay then go for it 

I didn't get into board gaming until February 2020

Lol actually her presence in my life pre-dated my KS addiction

Thursday generally will work 

Teslas drive themselves lol

I've heard #Diplomacy is like the game to play to end friendships 

GenCon is in Ohio and i think there's a con in Indiana

Haha I'm just kidding. It's a bug that GGP told me how to fix 

What's a reason someone might hoise that method over BoardGameCo?

Why she's what? Haha. But she wasn't super into games, i don't think even played many, before me