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Thats a good point, there are always so many good lessons out there in many games. Thanks!

Good stuff though Brass is even difficult for me. Thanks!

Haha, so true! Good stuff here, thank you.

I didn't know there was going to be an Aggretsuko game! I was just watching the show on Netflix and love it.

I definetly think they have avoided the “Another Pandemic clone?!” impression but what else is there left to do now?

There are many Twitchers that are very funny. I think Paula Deming and Becca Scott are really funny on their streams.

I may or may not be this stereotype.

I know the feedback has been mixed but I am so excited for this game!

The Crew can keep rising for all I care. Such a great game!

I think Pandemic Season 0 has been my favorite. The original legacy was my favorite to play because it was so fun and new, but I really like the theme of Season 0.

I would be be interested in a #Splendor game that could accomodate more people. It would need to add some aspect that had more people acting at once, but its the simpliest yet more robustest strategy game out there and would be a crowd pleaser if you could bring that vibe.

I loved One Deck Dungeon so I am excited about One Deck Galaxy

Cool theme, I didn't know anything about this game.

I keep going to managing a restaurant or something like that, so I am going to try something out there.

Coney Island Champion

Players need to work on their form and reputation on the road to becoming the world's hot dog eating champion. You will need to do everything to prepare because when its tournament day, you will have no idea what to expect. Hot dog cards are flipped up during torunaments. Only one player can get the card with different quatities of hot dogs. Will they use too many reosurces to go after those dogs, or will they get it at just the right price?

Rounds consist of two phases. Through worker placement, choose how you will develop your champion and mental resources to prepare your self with. In phase two, it all comes to a head and all players compete through a blind real time auction. Who will eat the most hot dogs and become world champion?

Lord of the Rings meets Roll and Write. Love it!

you had me at "double bluff" for #Dogs of War I will have to play that one.

+1 four players is too many

I was just playing #Carcassonne online. It was the first time in a long time and I forgot how fun it was. I have not played the others. People have such great things to say about Caverna. I am an #Agricola fan so I need to check that out.

I watched all three parts. I am not normally a huge watcher of play throughs but I liked following along with this game.

Was #Chai disqualified because it is about a drink and not food?

These are more fun to watch than the results of the weekend movie box office.