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I just traded for this game. My first Red Raven and excited to play it!

This is great! Thanks Phil! 

I have made a handful of BGG trades and its gone fine each time so far. 

When I played it did make me think that I would really enjoy a handful of plays and then might tire of it. 

I doubt it... You probably have heard of most haha

Right it seems very approachable 

Board game Barrage is one I subscribe to also :) but I  haven't heard of the other one. 

I listen to a bunch but often skip through to just the parts I want to... Dice Tower, Secret Cabal, Blue Peg Pink Peg, Ludology, Brawling Brothers, Dukes of Dice, Tantrum House, Shut Up and Sit Down, Rolling Dice and Taking Names, Quackalope and others 

Nice! I really want to try all of those

It's seems like the kind of game I'd really like to try. 

I've really got to get Horrified. Everyone who's played it has said good things about it.

Makes sense. I agree. These mats and the new food type will be interesting.