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Which games need a second edition [Eldritch Horror]Like| 21 comments | [+]
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It is a great community for sure!

Congratulations everyone! 

#Clash of Cultures is one that I've played a half a game once (because it was taking so long we stopped) and have never gotten it back to the table. I really like the idea of it and want to give it another play sometime. 

Man I want to get this. More variability is always great. 

Hey I care!!! haha those are great. Dinosaur Island is one of my favorites right now 

Ok I'm here for sympathy....

I brought a bunch of games to a late thanksgiving get together. We didn't play anything and just played #What Do You Meme? funny but bleh

The biggest bounce for me was #Viticulture: Essential Edition. I saw so many posts of people loving it with their SO and she did not like it at all. Didn't even finish the game. 

So far I've really enjoyed everything and am very happy with all of the changes

So I've always been intrigued by this one but have always been turned off by the look of this one

If you haven't seen the movie (like me) will the game stand on its own?