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It's such a great time to be a gamer! All of these look so good. I picked#Endless Winter: Paleoamericans because that's probably the most likely one I'll be able to get but I'd want each of these in my collection in a heartbeat!

I'm not surprised... #Lost Ruins of Arnak just looks amazing (I'm also very interested in Dune). I just heard an slightly older Secret Cabal episode where #MicroMacro: Crime City was talked about and it sounded really cool. 

Oh man it's so close i can taste it ! But I resisted actually tasting the game. Actually it looks like Miniatire Market also has it in stock now. 

For me it's pretty basic... does it have a good theme? Can I get people to play with me? Does anyone else in my close circle own this game? 

Nice! Ganymede has always attracted my attention. Not sure about it yet.

I really like the theme and we have liked "deckbuilding+" kind of games. I think with only a handful of rounds each card aquired will need to be bought carefully

Ah! Thanks for the info. It's definitely complicated ha!

Oh fun! You'll have to update us when you play. Does it have a Solo mode?

I've heard Underwater Cities is somewhat like Terraforming Mars and I like that one

5 Tribes is great! I want to get the expansions. I

Isn't Plan B games the same crew that owned Plaid Hat games (bought by asmodee a few years back?). If so, then a model of starting great boardgame brands and selling to Asmodee doesn't seem to be such a bad model for them haha!

Yep that seems to be the place to get it. I'm often many years behind most of the new games so I'll occasionally walk by the game sections and see what's available. 

Haha! Yes I am :D. I can't believe it's sold out everywhere except Barnes and Noble Bookstores. But it's supposed to be back other places this month I think

I am one of the ones waiting for #Lost Ruins of Arnak to be back in stores! This game looks like it will be loads of fun

I'm just ready to Lost Ruins of Arnak to be abailable again

It is a great community for sure!

Congratulations everyone!