These reviews were left by Isaiah Kim.


A Game of Foresight and Strategy

by Isaiah Kim

Reef if a game that forces you to plan ahead, make sacrifices, and pull of huge combos. Initially the game may seem intimidating but once all the players get the hang of the rules and objective, it can get very competitive. I have only played one-on-one but I look forward to playing with a larger group. I would totally recommend this game, it not for the game play, the pieces are really satisfying to stack.



A Classic Party Game (House Rules Can Make It Insane)

by Isaiah Kim

I loved playing Uno as a child, but in college my friend group invented a variation of the rules we call Slow Uno. The basics are that the game is played with 5 Uno decks and each player starts out with 20 cards. All "plus" cards have their value doubled and cards of the same "plus" value can be stacked. If someone plays a card that you have an exact copy of, you can play it out of turn and skip the people in between you and them. Games take a minimum of an hour or so. We've played one game for 5 hours. A great way to bond with your friends.