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I think it is people are getting used to what is there, not that it is underwhelming.

Also #Pingyao: First Chinese Banks, and #Pingyao: the Golden Powner is on KS right now.  The page is not particularly exciting, but the game is BOSS!!!

Yea, that laquer box is stunning

pretty well.  I think I got the basics down, I am gonna try to add an expansion soon



super interested in how this goes...the digital version has really upped my enjoyment of is hoping all these expansions come there as well

I think everything is gonna be up in the air, I think people will try lots of stuff, and some of it will stick and become a new normal, and some of it will be a disastor.  I Think the most successful companies will be the ones that manage to keep some things that they were forced to learn and carry them over into a post pandemic world...when we get there.

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Did you finish the campaign?

#The Red Dragon Inn with a group ready to get into it

#Kushi Expressis always good for laughs

#Joking Hazard is probably the funniest "Adult" party game


#Just One

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I shot a solo play video of #The Warp and had to dive back into the rules before I could then learn the solo play rules.  Overall it is a really strong rulebook, long, but strong.

No immediate tip offs, but an index is ALWAYS a good sign

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many thanks!

I just need the brave game maker to come up with the apocalypse where flame thrower toting penguins are running about.  I feel like it both sells and writes itself

are you a zombie apocalypse kind of guy or a mad max kind of guy?

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