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Yes, please!! We liked playing the original Glory to Rome, but the game art was wacky.  I would not pay $250 for a boardgame. Something like Feast of Odin might be my upper limit at a $70 price point.

Hey, guess what I got for my birthday, guys?!?!  STONE AGE!!!! hahahahaha  Now if I could only get my game mojo back.  I haven't played much since the pandemic hit bc my only playmate is my husband and I have been spending more time at my art table making mail art.

Anyway, if I won, I'm not sure what I would get.  Maybe WIngspan.

I would put it towards Stone Age and Tiny Towns.  😁

Bobert!  Love it!!  Haven't heard that before.

Congratulations @philryuh!  Games are way more fun! :-)

That is SUPER exciting!  Congratulations!  Glad you can keep the fun rolling!! (Dice gamer joke -- hahahahha!)

I want to try Wingspan too.  But I know I love Stone Age!

Stone Age!  It's still under $40.  :-)

I love This Game is Broken. I haven't listened to it in a while, but I loved the games they played on there where I could guess along with them!