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1) I think what is described sounds pretty good. A banner leading to a large splash page where various collections on whatever topics are linked. As in the example Leder Games banner might lead to a splash page collection of general articles, interviews, and reviews of their top games. 


2) With lockdown I've been playing a ton of Battlecon as it is two player and easy mechanics with the variety coming from the character variability. I just got the mega finale set but we've been playing through the sets in an in home ladder tourney and I have been playing fighters I have never touched before 

Well it looks like you can buy Mage Knight yourself lol



1) I have a pretty high interest #Inis and like merged mechanic games - so hand management with area control sounds like a nice #Mythotopia / #Chaos in the Old World slice of pie 


2) I would probably drop my $200 on an expensive title - some mini-hoard vomit with 12 expansions I missed out on Kickstarter - #Tsukuyumi: Full Moon Down would be a good one - (well if it ever comes out :P )


3) I didn't really see any grail games on the previous list that wouldn't be well loved - and isn't #Gaia Project pretty hard to find also - I'd want that lol. The only miss for me is #Battlestar Galactica: The Board Game as I already own and love it so if that came my way I would have to find a deserving owner or turn it into EBAY Gold so I could get the one expansion I missed :(



I know - I was probably the only girl in my class who would play Cosmic Encounters or Munchkin at sleepover parties 

Mage Knight is a decent nex-gen nod to Magic Realm and if I recall correctly also sort of has a tutorial set up that introduces the game in 2 or 3 chunks

It is a beast of a game - but well worth riding the learnign curve 

I am lucky enough to have inherited the copy from my father's collection who got me into tabletop gaming, comics, and all sorts of geeky hobbies - undaunted by my lack of a Y chromosome. :) 

It is old school Avalon Hill and borrowing from ASL - the rule book is a segmented tutorial. I belive the first section literally is Movement - you play a game that teaches you how to move lol and then each segement adds new rules - I don't even think monsters and combat come into play until segment 3 or 4 and spells and variable player characters towards the end. 

So it is a rather dry slog of tutorial games until you 'unlock' all the rules - a tribute to the first era of gaming. It is still a rather dry and complex game of chit sliding - but to me it is important part of Tabletop History. 

The second generation of games like Talisman, Mage Knight, etc all stand on the foundations of Magic Realm IMHO.


I think I heard rumor of a fanbased PNP tribute version that might be worth a track down if curious :)

Yeah defiitely more available when it was actually out in stores and far cheaper tossed in the corner of a Kaybee Toys shelf than on an Ebay auction 

Good call - definitely a few Dark Towers and snazzy Acquires - toss in a Space Hulk and a quick jump forward for a Starcraft if I have any early 90's pricing money left. 

1) If a time machine were at my fingertips knowing what I know now - I would take that $200 to the late 80's/ early 90's and buy every copy of HeroQuest I see 


2) Oldie but Goodie Giveaway? Magic Realm ;)