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I guess I recently pre-ordered The Dead Eye and Deep Space D-6: Armada when I saw their Kickstarters, so those I suppose. Renature also looks like fun.

  1. Since COVID locked everything in our province down, my partner and I have been looking for more things to do together while we're cooped up at home. I think I was looking for a copy of a game, but then got it in my head that there must be a place to compare prices. Like the boardgame equivalent of IsThereAnyDeal. So I Googled 'board game price comparison' and sure enough, was the top organic listing. So now this is my go-to when shopping around for a new game.
  2. My whole life to some degree, probably. But we usually played family games, card games. Wasn't until my early 30s I started getting more into boardgames as a hobby. So probably 5-8 or so years now.
  3. Spirits of the Wild, Jaipur and Circle The Wagons