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I'm a psychologist with a practice focused on supporting kids with learning problems. When the pandemic forced my to close my office, I started Brains On Games, a YouTube channel that provides board game overviews focused on the learnings skills they practice.

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Now THAT is a Christmas haul! I was lucky enough to get #Concordia Venus (but it's on back order). And I have lots of games on the way in the new year for my January birthday.

1. Very interested in this game but that price is HIGH.

2. Obsession was one of the best games I played this year. It didn't come out in 2020 but that's when I tried it! Very thematic and lots of fun choices.

3. Poetry for Neanderthals is very funny and fun! I should have expected as much from those creators, but it totally exceeded expectations.

4. Narrow it down to 5? I posted a Favourite Game list recently that I think has 13!

Thanks so much - glad you liked it!

Now I'm having flashbacks of that fly! Recently I was most excited about Obsession, because it's hard to find and the designers surprised me with the package. 

I can't believe I've done 50!

An amazing week of games! Glad I could add one to your list. 

I won it in a draw, and it turned out to be a good game!

Brains On Games: Trapwords

Great! We enjoyed #Trapwords and #Werewords too, but this one was our favourite. 

I'm happy that it was a hit. So much pressure when recommending games!

No points but poem make great game more good!

Grok poem so sad and fun. 

No stick IS bad. You play right. Glad you like!

Dexterity games are great that way!

Looks like he plays to win!