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got in a nice game of #Los Aprendices (The Alchemists) with my wife who does not enjoy boardgames.  I really liked it , she said it wasn't the worst thing shes ever had to do so I'll call that a WIN !

I finally got to play my copy of #Qin- A Renier Knizia Game super fun easy to teach very quick even with 4 players 

yeah, its a delicate thing esp if your group is not full of rabid gamers , there is an element of wooing them into wanting to play the game involved in teaching a new game.

Ive tried a few times with this game and honestly i just dont get it . its either way too easy or simply impossible. I know its a fairly popular game, but i just cant wrap my head around it and it seems SUPER broken to me. 

#Costa Rica the set up is a little pain in the butt , but after that its a good game that you can play laid back or cut throat

I try to go easy on people , if you dominate right off the bat esp if youre better just because you have played more and not necessarily have" the goods " you want people to want to come back. That being said after a few times all bets are off and the teeth come out !

i havent been around lately , sorry everyone. ive been practicing social distance gaming{ playing outside while wearing masks } #Costa Rica, #Ghostel, #Startups, #Qin- A Renier Knizia Game#Junk Art and its been great. Honestly if not for the quarantine i doubt i would have ever thought about playing boardgames outside. Obviously you cant play EVERYTHING outside but this has been a great experience. 

I played #Junk Art with a friend and his kids in their driveway. It was a good time. That game is really fun , the added precariousness of the slight breeze blowing through every now and again really added to the tension.