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We had a bunch of fun. I can definitely see how someone might bounce off of it though: so much of the game is the interacting and 'managing' the other factions to prevent them from snowballing and hoping no one come and crushes your plans. I can totally see someone not enjoying that dynamic.

That said it does a great job of making a story of of the game. You feel for the little forest meeples, and the actions are cinematic: hoards of birds storming through the forest, aristocratic cats crushing a protest only to further enrage their subjects into open rebellion etc. So it never felt personal when my clearings were attacked. Do give it a go: if we ever manage to organise a live game it could be a good one to try.

Hi Matt, I didn't realise you had joined the BGA team, congrats!

If you could change one aspect of games or the hobby (like every game comes with free ice-crea or no more games about European farmers etc.) what would it be and why?

ReviewI finally tried Root [Root]Like| 4 comments | [+]

It's kind of like a permanent zoom call (or multiple tailored zoom calls) that people on the server can join and leave (as long as they have permission) at will. So I mostly use it for playing D&D with a group of friends: it's the same people each week so no need to send out Zoom links and it is designed to be used while video gaming so it does a good job of being non-intrusive and using up minimum WiFi. You can also set up multiple group chats that remain between calls so you can easily have ongoing conversation or share things during the games. It's a really well put together program in my opinion 

I am on one I use for playing board games with my university friends and another I joined in order to play test #Fjordar. I only use the former now. I actually find discord really useful for chatting to a consistent group, I do keep trying to get my local board game group to use it rather than zoom but some of them are unwilling to try out new things so was a bit of a non-starter.

I think using it to organise games within the BGA community or hosting the Q&A type events could be really fun. 

I think #Betrayal at House on the Hill could make for a good horror romp, maybe not a long running show but a mini-series could be cool. I guess you could try something like how they did the legacy version with each season being a different generation to show off different hauntings (I never played the legacy version but the concept sounded interesting, although I heard in practice it didn't quite work). I think if you went non-scripted it would make for a great game show, each with a different twist and one player becoming the 'traitor' part way through, maybe with more of the hauntings having hidden traitors.

If they were scripted I reckon #Diplomacy could make for a good satirical political drama. With dispassionate politicians carving up the world and betraying each other.

Obviously #Magic: The Gathering has a pretty rich collection of source material and some wonderful concepts for a fantasy adventure series, with characters moving through all manner of bizarre and beautiful terrains and meeting strange of terrifying creatures. 

You do pay a commission but I find eBay usually gets a sale at a decent price: especially as people bid will sometimes pay more than they would if you set the price. 

What do you mean by. 'unsupported' and 'former creator and developer'? Did you not like it the first time you played it, what was lacking?

The standees look good though, when you say released does you also sell them?

#Gùgōng is really fun, you'll have a great time with it!

I have no real plans to buy any more games but I do have the kickstarter for #The Defence of Procyon III due to arrive sometime this spring (or summer if it gets delayed) which I am really looking forward to. Hopefully by then the lockdown will have lifted and it'll be safe to play with folks in person!

I also just have a bunch of games that I can't wait to actually get to the table with multiple people: #Twilight Imperium: Fourth Edition, #Catacombs (Third Edition), #878 Vikings: Invasions of England, #Cry Havoc (which arrived the day before the lockdown hit), #No Honor Among Thieves. All of which will benefit from having more than two people. So I am greatly looking forward to all of those.

I do really like #Terra Mystica, and I remember discussing the differences with you. I will for sure check it out at some point

My guess would be we were averaging a turn a day. It does sometimes get hard to remember exactly what you were planning though 😅

Haha, for sure. It's just there are so many permutations for what you can do seeing as everything just costs money.

Haha, not something I would have even thought about but glad that you spotted it and took the time to celebrate it!

I think the marvel games are really good. I think as a introduction, #Sentinels of the Multiverse might be a good one. The decks for each hero come prebuilt so you can;t accidently build a bad deck but you still get all the fun card combos and some really enjoyable interplay between the players as they help each other out, Also, the villians and environment decks are really thematic distinct which is very cool.

I only recently came across Kingdom builder on Board game arena and it is such a clever game, especially with 4 players the map gets so tight and the powers let you do all kinds of satisfying things.

Haha, you'll get me one of these days, my luck can only last so long!

I say long running as I am new to playing games asynchronously so I am sure there are much longer games. I would guess it was about 3 weeks, certainly the longest game I think I have played. It's quite nice having that anticipation stretched out, especially when you are thinking someone might grab a space that is vital to your plan.

Yeah for sure it is crunchy! I felt like I could have done with a spreadsheet at times with all the numbers running through my head.

Played some #CuBirds which is a fun little set collection game new to BGA.

Finished off a long running game of #Clans of Caledonia on BGA with a bunch of the folks from on here: it's a beast of a euro. Lots of number crunching needed but a lot of fun and lots of ways to approach it.


I don't think I've played board games when I am sick (although I am fortunate enough to not get sick on the whole so only a small sample size). However, I when I am exhausted or in a bit of a 'meh' mood then board games can be fun. Likewise, I often organise weekends with my friends from back in university which involve a lot of board gaming and a lazy, Sunday morning round of light games before everyone is fully awake can be nice.

2) I recently downloaded the #One Deck Dungeon app as it was on sale for 89p (around a dollar for the yanks) and I could definitely see either on the app or in person that being a nice one to play when sick: lots of dice, minimal long term planning, just enough puzzle to engage the mind