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My lovely little lot of loot image
My lovely little lot of loot [Watergate, Scrabble, Targi, Spirit Island]LoveChristmas LikeLikeChristmas Love| 21 comments | [+]
Targi - 1st impressions image
ReviewTargi - 1st impressions [Targi]Christmas LikeLike| 18 comments | [+]
Spirit Island Giveaway [Spirit Island]Like| 8 comments | [+]
Box size Like| 49 comments | [+]
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Haha, excellent! Thank goodness for gateway games 😄 although I have definitely been in a position where a few minutes into the explanation I have realised I have misjudged the complexity for the audience at hand....

That would make for an interesting list, as in if you pick a big meaty game with a tonne of interwoven mechanics then it takes up more space on your list, or you pick a more streamlined/focused game that only takes up one or two.

It for sure does look a whole lot better, I wonder if that could be an optional thing for when people write articles (like  was saying), like there would be a button before you publish: 'remove #' that would do that for you. That way a lot of comments would still have them, where aesthetics wouldn't matter and would help people learn but long form articles could be made without them?

I would to see some scenarios for #Cry Havoc or some kind of campaign. As the world/story in the game is quite lacking but full of potential and the asymmetry is a great starting point for some really interesting scenarios.

I think it'd be fun to have a campaign whereby winning gets you certain benefits and points towards the end of campaign score but completing certain objectives (which likely make it difficult to then win that game) give you new options or specialisations so you are chosing between winning or iproving your chances for next time. And to counter snowballing (purposefully losing early games to 'level-up' and then stomping everyone later) I'd have the early missions count more than later ones.

I think having these various races competing over this planet could have some really interesting story telling opportunities, like if a bit of the map was heavily exploited in one game then it becomes less valuable in the next etc. or if the native Trogs home area is invaded, whoever gets it gets a points bonus but the outraged Trogs get a bonus the next game. I love the idea of weaving the mechanics and story closely together

Is it in a series of 'micromacro' games, or is that just the name?

In reality the theme is fairly pasted on but the art is really enjoyable and at 2 players there is surprising depth while also preventing too much AP as so much of what you can do will depend on your opponent.

If we are thinking essential workers I could imagine a potentially enjoyable game based on being a supermarket worker: Ensuring your tasks were completed efficiently (which would shift depending on what customers did) while also preventing yourself from becoming too bored and also keep out of the way, or on the good side of a vindictive manager.

#Onitama is a very neat little game, the rules are very simple but the ever changing options and the fact that you give the options to your opponent forces you to think in a very different way to a lot of abstract games. I am very bad at it but it is wonderfully clever.

#A Game of Thrones: Hand of the King works great at 2 players, while at higher player counts it is too random for you to plan at 2 players it becomes this very intense tactical game. You are moving a shared piec according to quite strict rules so you start moving from where your opponent ends their move and vice versa. As such you decide what your opponents options are and are denying them certain opportunities. It is really so tense and on a knife edge

I think #Not Alone is one of the games that scales really well. I have played and loved it from 3 to 7 players and while each extreme felt different it was always a joy.

I think it stays good at all player counts for a number of reasons:

Firstly, it is a one vs many game, so the game dynamic changes a less as the player count increases, you are still only working with two 'teams' as opposed to in other games where as you increases or decrease the players you add or remove new agendas into the mix. This means the design doesn't have to flex as much so the tightness and tension is maintained.

Secondly, every phase is are engaging for every player. In the first phase where the astronauts are choosing their locations, they all do so simultaneously so are all obviously engaged throughout and the alien is busy analysing their current situations to work out how they might play and potentially playing mind games with them. The second phase has the alien choosing where to go and what powers to use which is obviously engaging for the alien but is incredibly tense for the astronauts as they have already locked in their answers. The third phase is 'the reveal' and this is fun for everyone as if you are 'safe' as the astronaut you get to do something fun (use the location ability) and the astronauts who get caught provide hilarity for everyone and satisfaction for the alien. The last phase is 20 seconds of admin so no one gets bored.

As such you are invested in the game constantly, whereas in some games more players means longer to wait to do something fun, this is has tension and cooperation throughout.

Lastly, I think because the game is almost always very tight and because there are just two 'teams' no one feels like they are out of the running. Even if individually as an astronaut you aren't doing too well, you still get the enjoyment of your team getting closer to escaping. And even if the alien is getting trashed, you have so many fun powers that losing is not boring in the slightest.

So yes, I think this game, is both really good but also wonderfully flexible in terms of player count.

Live in the UK so can't apply but congrats on making a game!

We also got #Watergate for Christmas and really enjoyed it!

In which areas do you feel #Targi failed to live up to expectations for you?

I still think the Phil reactions you drew should become official ones!

I've definitely been there before when you make something delicious (in my case it was a stew) and then can never quite recreate it 😅

I would really appreciate it if you would send me over your favourites, we don't have an ice-cream maker but it would be good to file away for if that does ever happen!

Haha, not quite but the answer you did give was pretty informative so I'll take it 😄

Oh nice, that does look handy. I remember a housemate of mine making ice-cream by hand and having to go to the freezer every few hours to stir it 😅 this seems like a much better solution. What has been your most successful ice-cream/sorbet to date?

Oh yeah, TMB is pricey, but there is a lot of game in that box. I dropped £80 on a Kickstarter at the start of the year, which was by far the most I've ever spent on a game and there was a lot of ummming and ahhhing before I pulled the trigger



I think broadly I enjoy meeples more in games. I really enjoy wooden pieces and I think if more money was to go into production I'd often prefer the board art be improved or other components be upgraded (card quality or two layer player boards etc.) over changing the meeples into minis. Tokens or standees with good artwork on for characters can also be nice, especially when you are inhabiting a particular character in a game. I do think that if I ever manage to carve out the time to get into painting (and am not completely awful) then I might be more tempted by minis.

So glad you got some you enjoy! Beats a 'haul' of stuff that never gets played 😊 do you think it does a good job of capturing the feel of an ice hockey game?

Oh nice, I feel like Ice-cream is pretty involved. Have you found it quite do-able?

Nope, the machine revolution will really not have too much trouble

I believe you can sync your BGG plays to BGA, I know this is something they have talked about but I've not tried it