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How to make Pathogen Markers for Pandemic!  image
How-To/DIYHow to make Pathogen Markers for Pandemic! [Pandemic, Pandemic Legacy: Season 1]Like| 15 comments | [+]
Games that I can always get to the table. [X-ODUS: Rise of the Corruption, Terraforming Mars, Mint Works, Escape: The Curse of the Temple, Twilight Struggle, Ethnos, 5-Minute Dungeon]Like| 9 comments | [+]
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Ah yeah, I looked it up. Looks like it's just one track and no distinction between players on it?

That sounds great! And cubes are pretty easy to get a hold of if you can't recycle them from a game. Great idea!

Ah, which one do you have? I actually don't even know which version mine is.

In no particular order:

#Paladins of the West Kingdom

#Leaving Earth

#Roll For The Galaxy

#Potion Explosion

#Circadians: First Light

#Black Orchestra

I've known about most of these, but the more I hear about them the better they seem. All of these sound awesome now.

Great video and great list! 

Now my Wishlist has 6 new games on it...

Thanks:) Coming up with a design is always the most fun.

It's certainly heavy-handed with the history! If the wife doesn't like it, this game would be worth finding a new gaming buddy for!

Vertical! With the exception of my monster boxes like #Anachrony and #Cthulhu Wars which I store horizontally.

Yes I have, but I typically work at night when the lighting is horrible, so I've been avoiding it. I think it would be cool though:)

Haha, yeah! I made ocean and greenery tiles. They aren't super consistent or professional looking, so I don't sell them but they add a lot to the gameplay. 

I added cows to some of them...because I like the idea of cows on Mars.