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Haha, yeah! I made ocean and greenery tiles. They aren't super consistent or professional looking, so I don't sell them but they add a lot to the gameplay. 

I added cows to some of them...because I like the idea of cows on Mars.

Ah yes, building a utopia where everyone has perfect teeth and less cardiovascular disease due to better dental hygiene is a riveting theme. I'm sure it'll sell like hot cakes!

Hi Jamey!!!

Thanks for designing such a brilliant game!

As an aside, a few weeks ago I was texting a friend that I was playing #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris and my phone autocorrected so it read The Rise of Dentistry. It stuck, and that's its official name now, just FYI :)

Yes to all of the above!

My primary thoughts are that the pieces need to fit the theme of the game, be the right size for the game, and in general be feasible to make.

After that, much of my designing goes into the small details to make them look exceptional. I find a lot 3D printed pieces that look great, but with clay you have so many more options for detail that you can make something spectacular.

Thanks, Trent!

And they're just as fun to make!

Thank you! What game would you want to upgrade if you could?

Cool! I love it too! I think it most resembles an encapsulated virus :D