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Easy/Think -

Easy, thinkie, non-combative games - for those who want to keep their brain active (but not stressed) while playing.

I enjoyed it a lot. I repeatedly come back to it when I want an easy game, a filler. It's like a race around the block, but with some unsual options that can sometimes be used to strategically give me or my opponent an advantage. 

I played some easy-breezy games this week. But some of them were new to me, so it took a little extra effort to learn them first.

I played the first version of #Azul

I played #Silver & Gold

I played #Point Salad

and I played #Odin's Ravens: A Mythical Race Game for Two Players

It's a busy time of year, I didn't have much time but just had to squeeze these in....

HumorThe NAME OF THE GAME Like| 3 comments | [+]

Today I placed an order for #Gunkimono - it's a game that I played a few times a few years ago. I remember it and suspect that I'll have to play it a few more times to get caught up and get the hang of it again, but I look forward to that. I've played it with 4 players, so that's good and it'll be just a bit thinkie to stretch the old brain cells. It's a bit more competitive than I usually like, but I'm extending myself becaiuse I remember that I enjoyed the game. I got it for $20, I was looking for a deal like that and I finally found it. 

You're right! Many have never heard of this game. It may not be popular but it's worthy of consideration. I'll attach a link here to a video that explains better than I can in a message. I do the startup differently, if anyone is interested I can explain, but it's basically the same. I've only played with 3 players and I wonder what it would be like with 4 players.

Castell - too complicated for me. It's a great idea with great visutal interest, but I'm thinking of putting it up for sale. 

I can play most simple games, but childrens games are not interesting to me.

Just right - games that I have to think and make an interesting decision on each turn (but not for multiple of turns down the line). A game like Azul (original) is more my style. (I could think about my future moves but I don't have to.)

Here's what I'd pick, but there are so many others... but these can be easily played with two players and become addictive. 

Azul (original)


Ticket to Ride

Odin's Ravens