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I often [try to] play solo varients of board games to burn in the rules and help when I am ready to teach a game to others. But is it fun for me? No.

I often get lost in the rules and forget rules. This may be good for learning, but it doesn't do much for "fun."

I do play games on smart phones and those work better for solo play IMHO. The AI at least keeps me honest and moving forward.

Some solitaire games work great on smart phones, but I win more on the smart phone than when I play them IRL.

The build file is 12 pages with 9 cards on each page. These are doublesided pages so that's six pages to slice up - 54 cards. I'd say pretty compact and not so difficult for the gameplay.


You're welcome. Great little game.

PnP is a new thing for me. I was "Sheltered in Place" for too long (still am to a lesser degree) and decided to explore. It seemed like it would keep me from spending money on games to explore. I tend to be most interested in games for the design and mechanics. I'm not very competitive and really not very good at winning. I like everyone to have fun.

I bought a small heat laminator before all this COVID stuff to make player's aids for a game night I was hosting. I was always a bit frustrated when I went to game nights and didn't have access to all the noodley details of the rules. While not caring about winning - I do like to know what I am doing. Otherwise I play "King Killer" to stay engaged. (Note to game night people - players often can still figure out how to muck up the works even if they don't know really how to play.)

So, when I was able to stop by my workplace I would color laser print sheets. Then I'd print out, laminate, and corner cut. Yup. I can be a bit obsessive.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Favorites are the ones I review. I've made many that were duds. I did not review ones that Shut Up and Sit Down reviewed, but those were the starting point. [Under Falling Skys, and Mr Cabbageheads Garden seem my favorite from his Solo Video) and I think the ones I've reviewed are at least as good if not better.