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Hello, and welcome to my profile! I am a game reviewer and content writer here at Board Game Atlas, as well as a rule book editor. I also own Board Game Immersion, a website for reviews, various types of videos, articles, and more. I am a certified copyeditor and love writing (and reading) in the fantasy and science fiction genres--the deeper the magic system, the better! My favorite movies are, of course, Star Wars (all of them), and my favorite book is Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson.

I love rugby as if it were my own flesh and blood, and I follow NHL hockey with a passion that my team--Calgary Flames--try to put out each and every season (one day we'll win the cup again...). I love watching Australian football (go Swans!) and I used to be on an actual, honest-to-goodness quidditch team (hey, it's a real thing!). I play ultimate Frisbee and was a stadium announcer for a professional team in the AULD.

I love board games (obviously) and have many favorites. Some of those favorites are X-Wing; Champions of Midgard; Heroes of Land, Air & Sea; Clank!; Tiny Epic Galaxies; Terraforming Mars; Flip Ships; and many more, mood depending.

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I haven't played the DC themed Funkoverse game(s), but I've played a few others, and I think this would be a great choice for your kid! You can play teams or 1 vs. 1 (or free-for-all, but that depends on the set, and I'm not sure if that mode is included with the DC one). It's a simple strategy game, but it's very thematic and great for families. All of the Funkoverse sets basically have the same rules, just different characters (with unique abilities), boards, and items. If you want to go really crazy, you can get multiple sets and mix-and-match characters and boards and items. It's totally a marketing gimick, but it's a fun one, so I'll allow it haha

I hear ya. That's my problem as well. :) 

I'd love to do this! I'm EDT though, so 10 PM MST is, well, late haha Saturdays might work though! If we can find a time that works, I am so down.

Well, "seasons" meaning which episode they're covering. They're all so good, but I really loved ther prequel episodes. Definitely helped address some of the issues in a pretty funny way. 

It's so good! I really think everyone should listen to this season to gain a better appreciation of The Last Jedi. Doesn't mean they have to like it, but it's certainly been eye opening for me. And good times. Always good times. What season are you on?

I was listening to a Star Wars podcast (Star Wars Minute) on the way to work this morning, and they were talking about how Rose in TLJ should have a video game of just her tasing everyone trying to get into an escape pod. I'd love to see that as a board game as well haha

The board has cards in designated spaces and players bid on them by placing their specific tokens on spaces between cards. Depending on the token used, they can add an additional cube (i.e. their bid) to the card (i.e. if the token matches the card faction). It becomes something of an area control game as bidding spaces get used up and cubes get placed on all of the cards. It's very interesting, and you use these cards in the next phase.

In the next phase, each player plays all of their cards (or as many as they want) to get gems (i.e. currency) and other abilities from the cards. It's interesting because player order matters (and changes depending on player position on the score track), and going last can be good and going first can be good. But the active player takes their turn by playing everything, then on to the next, untill all players have done what they want. Cards have abilities that can play well with other cards, so you can get a really fun engine going. For example, I was down by about 100 points going into the last round, but on my turn, I played my cards right and scored over 100 points to catch up (still lost, but just by a few points).

So there's some good engine building going on here, along with a neat bidding mechanic (and you can upgrade your bidding tokens to place even more cubes the next rounds) and some interesting interplay between card abilities. It's a bit tough to explain, but trust me, it's great haha

Played #Seeders from Sereis: Exodus on Thursday. I was supposed to cancel and not go in to play, but then they were playing that so I had to. I have no control over my actions haha But dang, I love that game now! I know it's only been one play, but it was very good. And that's all for the week. your quest? your favorite color?

What game (or games) would you say defines you as a board gamer?

I love this idea!

How timely, as I am about to tell my game group I have to bail tomorrow night due to not enough time.

For me, I can almost always count on getting 1 game in on Sunday. Sunday I don't work on my side projects and is, as they say, a day of rest. So regardless of what I have going on, I can usually get a game in with my wife. (We didn't this past Sunday, ironically.)

I do try and keep my regular Thursday game night as part of my plans. I do this because 1) I need a break during the week, and 2) I like to stay aprised as to the new (and new to me) games. I've had to screech to a crawl in my reviewing and article writing, but l think it's important for me to stay in the loop, as I do work on rule books and I will consider (some) game nights research and/or enriching my knowledge base to be better at what I do. But let's be real--it's mostly because I want to play games haha

I will occasionally play a quick game of something on my phone (i.e. Terraforming Mars, Lost Cities, etc.), but that's about as common--less than, even--as playing games throughout the week. 

But I hear you about being busy and not having time. I feel like as this year progresses, time diminishes. I hope you're doing well and hope things calm down for you soon!

Oh! I did see this one! It looks very cool. Love the concept and the implimentation. 

The metallic pieces in #The Reckoners. The bamboo in #Takenoko. The miniatures in #Star Wars X-Wing. I'm a components person; I love good/great quality components and aspects that use them in visually appealing ways (i.e. stacking the bamboo in Takenoko).

Ah, yes. Terraforming Mars is also a favorite here (to add another one to "the few" haha). It's actually one of my wife's very favorites, so we play more frequently than most others. I think I'd like Gaia Project if I played it. It looks good!

Anything Star Wars, first and foremost haha I do love #Star Wars X-Wing as probably my top-ever game. I also love #Roll For The Galaxy, #Horizons, #Flip Ships, #Tiny Epic Galaxies, and #Scorpius Freighter. To name a few haha

Haha yeah, it is a bit different. I'm always on board for more space-themed games, so I dig it. 

Most recently, the flavor text from #Danger Park has been making us laugh. In a similar vein, I also really like the flavor text of #Unfair.  And #Clank! has some good ones as well. 

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Yeah, I've seen AEG post some things about it here and there, and I looked into it before the KS, even. It does look pretty good, and I do love that mechanic. And, #Champions of Midgard is one of my very favorite games, so I'm inclined to be interested in his other games even if I don't know much about them haha

Thou shalt not skip over the flavor text.