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Sorry, I forgot to reply. 

The game has really well design mechanics, there are two things that I really like they give the opportunity to mix basic and advanced levels, so players balance. They also change the setup according to the player count, so no matter the number of players the game is going to play amazing. I actually published the video review today in case you want to take a look 


Thank you! Scythe is my favorite game then (not in order) Star Realms, Race for the Galaxy and Roll for the Galaxy. Yeah! I have a thing for space theme games and for Rio Grande Games Hahaha

I really like it, it combines tile placing with production. Leveling up the mechanics throughout the game

I first try it at Spiel Digital, once I got the physical copy, I was happy with how beautiful it looks. I really like how it plays, and it does play really well for 2 player, which is fantastic 

I played #Beyond the Sun, which has become one of my favorite games. Also played #Gods Love Dinosaurs, #Legends Untold: Weeping Caves Novice Set and #Patchwork. It has been a really active and diverse week :)