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Its' GMT, so they don't do kickstarter type stuff. I know you were being silly at the start, but its gonna be just the core game. i'd LOVE an art book at some point for it with the awesome art we have though. 

Im unlikely to do a normal 3 minute review as such. But probably something similar. But first, lots of designer dairies. 

Been working on this one for a long time. So good to finally get it out there. Surprised a lot of people i reckon :)

Planning on doing an ongoing series about the game

Perfect, hopefully it works out for you. 

Cheers, they are a great way for me to "stretch my legs". I love our core format. But it has its limits

This is the follow up video to the recap, explaining just why i gave Underwater cities the gold medal

Underwater cities extra time image
Underwater cities - new discoveries image

Can do for some people for sure

Classic euro/worker placement interaction. Those action spots are super contested, so while you aren't directly fighting each other, you are keeping an eye on what everyone else is up to. 

Giveaway competition underway here 

Its not too bad, due to the fact each faction tends to have it only areas it focuses on. Sorting them out at the start of the game takes a little bit of time is all

Britannia in about 3 minutes image
Shaolia warring states in about 3 minutes image