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Hi Artem. I don't have a question, but wanted to say that Unbroken is my favorite single player game. I have over 50 plays on it. I was sad to see the KS get such bad press because the game is awesome! 

I'm glad to see you designing again. :)

I played so few board games this year that your list makes me even more sad. On a positive note, I played around 70 D&D sessions, so there is that.

I'm looking forward to Darwin's Journey as well. Of all the games on my 'looking forward to' list, that one is the closest to my tastes. My friend said it sounded like a dry euro, and my mouth started watering more. :)

Nice list.

I am looking forward to:

  • Frosthaven
  • Lizard Wizard
  • Darwin's Journey
  • Burn Cycle
  • ISS vangard
  • Vindication
  • Endless Winter
  • Project L
  • Planet Unknown
  • Lions of Lydia
  • The Stuffed Fables Expansion
  • Terraforming Mars Dice Game

I really need the pandemic to end so I can get games to the table. I have so many unplayed games, and my buying hasn't slowed enough to match that...

Since I have a full deluxe set of Raiders with a neoprene mat, I haven't looked at this one much. I was tempted due to the promise of more streamlined gameplay (I really like Raiders). But I've done my best to convince myself that I like the art and theme better in Raiders. 

It is definitely intriguing though!

Yes. Many. My too many bones collection is really expensive for example. But I think spending $250 on this game would be the most money per pound. :)


I need a shelf expansion for all of these new giant games!

Love the title. :) 

And of course the review was awesome. 

I've considered getting this, but couldn't bring myself to pull the trigger. How cool that you are giving a copy away!!

My top request is still user initialted game sales for used games. I'd try to sell some on here, and would definitely look to buy.

#Roll Through the Ages: The Bronze Age is still my favoirte roll and write. It doesn't get talked about a lot because of its age, but it is a great game. I've put enough plays to run out of scoresheets and run through copiesl

I didn't. I just got this copy retail.

Catan was my gateway game and I still really enjoy playing it. It still has broad appeal as well. I ran a national qualifier pre-Covid and had 24 people show up who pretty much only played Settlers as their boardgame of choice. 

I also recently made a 3d printed set and painted it. Still a great game!

I played #PARKS this week with my wife. It was very enjoyable. It is beautful, and has some crunch. We were thinking about playing it as we visit different parks and having rangers from each park sign the cards. 

It is ok with two. i like it better with 3 or 4. The area majority is a more interesting fight at the higher player counts.


Nice review. 

I have this one. It is a keeper and I get it to the table fairly often.

Nice mini review. It is so great to see new people get into the hobby. Jaws of the Lion is a pretty ambitious early start!

Yes it comes with 40. I've painted four sets. 

#Mall Of Horror is by far my favorite Halloween themed game. 

I've played a few of his games including COB, COB the card game, Bruges, Aquasphere and Luna.

I like Trajan the best mostly because of the mancala action selection. I love it as a minigame and as an action selection mechanic. You can't always do exactly what you want, but if you manage it correctly, you can line up your turns in interesting ways. It is also useful for pushing or slowing game length. 

I also find it a bit more thematic. It is a point salad game, but trading, exploring and voting all have a very different feel. The unknown requirements at the end of each round is interesting as well.

Such a great game.

Fun video.

My top five right now is:

  1. #7 Wonders especially with #7 Wonders: Leaders
  2. #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
  3. #Trajan
  4. #Too Many Bones
  5. #Scythe


It is hard though. There are SO MANY great games.

You mean Asmodee doesn't own everyone yet? Maybe a couple more months....

New stuff from dealers are rarely discounted that much. Most of the buying I do is from players at flea markets. That is where I have found the most amazing deals.

Yeah, I wouldn't want to do that straight again. I'm not a teenager any more.

Conventions are great though. You get to see and play a bunch of games that you normally don't. Plus, most cons have great shopping opportunities. I have found so many great gaming items at simply unbeatable prices.