BGA Interviews

This topic has all the interviews done by Board Game Atlas.

Board Game Meets Wildlife - How Catherine Hamilton Illustrated the Evolution Series image
Legacy of Martin Wallace and How Kickstarter Transformed the Board Game Industry image
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Sandy Petersen: The Man Behind Doom, Cthulhu Wars, Eternal Adversary, + More image
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Why Phil Walker-Harding Created a Game About Sushi (A Look at Sushi Go!, Imhotep, + More) image
Atha Kanaani's Journey From Rejection to Illustrating  One of the Top Selling Board Game Series (Pandemic) image
Jonathan Ying - From DreamWorks to Board Game Designer image
Andrew Bosley, Illustrator of the Best Board Game Art of 2018 (Everdell)  image
  • Phillip Millman, Two-Time Baseball Highlights 2045 World Champion & Board Game Phenomenon image
    How Alexander Elichev Illustrated the Highest Ranking Game of 2018 (Gloomhaven) image
    Joshua Yearsley, Editor of Root - What Does it Take to be a Rulebook Editor? image