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Since our launch early this year in January 2019 we've exploded in growth to 59,000 users! That makes us the fastest growing board game community in the world. We're going to continue innovating and creating but if you want to help support it, you can!

We're asking you to consider supporting new innovation and a growing community for board gaming.

- Trent & Phil (Board Game Atlas Co-founders)

Trent Ellingsen - CEO / Software

Phil Ryuh - Branding / Marketing

Where Does My Support Go?

We're continually working on projects and software that make board gaming more enjoyable. Here's a list of the biggest features to expect in 2020.

Some features we want to work on include:

  • Native Mobile Apps
  • Advanced Play Logging System
  • Marketplace for Used Games
  • Convention Database
  • Improved Game Search
  • International Support
  • Game Barcode & Image Scanning
  • More User Suggestions

Support Perks

As a supporter you get the following perks.

  • An exclusive Avatar
  • Avatar Ring Colors
  • Voting ability on upcoming features
  • Upload Custom Avatar Images ($50 or more)
  • 5 per $1