Game Rules Q&A

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AnswersTitleGame NameUser
1Cellar discardingDominion 2nd Editiontrentellingsen
1What is vice-versa in Bang the dice game?Bang!: The Dice Gametrentellingsen
1So When someone represents that they have an Assassin and they go for the three token kill, there is no reason to not call them out on the bluff?Couptrentellingsen
0Do buildings and tokens go back onto the player boards?Roottrentellingsen
1It does not say in the rule book but what happens if the Marquise de Cat is beaten off the board completely?Roottrentellingsen
1After the psychics have gotten all the info for their suspects, and it's down to the final killer.Mysteriumtrentellingsen
1It says that you have to maneuver the Enterprise to the Alien token in short range like boarders.Star Trek Panictrentellingsen
2Can you open first turn with invade and pillage?Blood Ragetrentellingsen
0Can I put purification tokens in the ocean? (In the "region" that includes Palma de Mallorca)Pandemic: Iberiatrentellingsen
0Do I have to use a water token?Pandemic: Iberiatrentellingsen
1What are the cards with black backs?Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Gametrentellingsen
1Enemy attacking Alliance clearing with Bunny Base & Sympathy token.Roottrentellingsen
1Vegabond Slip actionRoottrentellingsen
1Vegabond in a clearing with only enemy / ally buildings.Roottrentellingsen
1If someone makes me reroll and I get doubles do I get my ability?Last Standtrentellingsen