Time's Up: Title Recall Board Game

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One of the best party games I've played.


MERGED WITH Time's Up: Deluxe EXPANSION. Best-with-6. Updated version of Time's Up, now using titles instead of names. Time's Up is my favourite party game and Title Recall makes it even better. I play with a lot of people who only play games 2 or 3 times per year. Title Recall is easier on people who don't play very often as it's easier to use alternate methods to get the title. The fourth "statues" round is hilarious and we are adding it to every game of Time's Up that we play. Updated rating to 10.


The best verson of the best party game.


Very fun light party game. Went over well at a dinner party with two couples. Will play again.


The classic "Celebrities" party game, with titles instead of names. This makes approaches to clue-giving more flexible and allows players to participate even if they don't know what one of the answers is.


(11/15) 10. Super, super fun party game. The three rounds and the inside jokes that evolve from this are AMAZING. (9/17) Drop to 9. Still amazing. The inside jokes have provided me some of the most fun, funniest moments I've ever experienced in board games. Just haven't been able to get a game going too often given how many need to play. Still, FANTASTIC. My #14 game of all time.