Wolfed is a card game, based on the famous (game) Mafia, also known as Werewolf. The rules are simple. The game is divided into days and nights. The werewolves kill a member of the village each night. During the day the remaining villagers need to find out who are the werewolves and lynch them, before they are all killed. The werewolves are considered winners once their number equals the number of the remaining survivors.

Wolfed is both simple and amusing game. It is an awesome way to break the ice especially for parties, team buildings, or just a way to have fun with your friends or complete strangers. It is an amazing social experience. Each game is unique on its own as there are near infinite number of combinations that you can play.

Wolfed has unique art-style. Each character in the game has its own design. There are no 2 cards that look alike. There are also event cards which bring twists and turns in each game. And of course at the end we added a pinch of new roles you have never seen before. They have been thoroughly tested to make sure that the balance remains unchanged.
The rules have been improved and written from scratch to make sure they are easily understandable.


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