Conflict of Heroes: First Men In – Normandy 1944


First Men In will be the fourth stand-alone title in the best selling Conflict of Heroes series and follows in the footsteps of Awakening the Bear!, Storms of Steel!, Price of Honour, and Guadalcanal. Each game in the series uses the same core rules system, so it’s easy to advance from one game to the next!

First Men In covers the actions of the 82nd, 101st, and 6th Airborne Divisions in Normandy 1944.

The Conflict of Heroes system offers a unique blend of playability and realism.
Fun: Quick-paced simultaneous play keeps you in the action all the time!
Fast: Scenarios can be played in as little as half an hour or as long as 2 hours.
Easy: You can teach a new player how to play in under 5 minutes!
BIG: The high quality maps & counters are BIG and easy to read. The counters are 1" square!
Multi-player: Scenarios are included that are playable by 1 - 4 players. Yes, we have custom made solo firefights with this one!
Historically Accurate: Learn the unique tactics and logistics used by each side as you experience the same battlefield challenges real commanders faced!

Part of the Conflict of Heroes series.

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