Tigris & Euphrates

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Tablet app, not physical boardgame


Great game with a lot of possibilities every turn and many strategies to follow. Very tough on newbies.


I'm really starting to love this game. Could move onto my top ten games of all time soon.


Received 2018 (Traded for Tammany Hall)


Brilliantly designed game that can be a real brainburner despite its relatively simple rule set. Though I guess it may be a touch abstract/dry, that's really only a minor complaint.


the "game" of Knizia...




Awwwww yeah wooden Mayfair ed. Super excited to bust this out.




Wow! What an experience. It's abstract but feels like an ancients civ game. Has appeal with my wargamer friends, and with my eurogamer family. Not ultra complicated but nearly endless depth. I see why "brilliant" and "instant classic" and "Kinizia's Masterpiece" all apply to this achievement of a game.


Nasty, mean, horrible game. I like a fair amount of conflict, but this game just takes it to a whole new level. It might be too much for me.


Wow, what a great game.


Like new condition. Played once. Pieces have been assembled.


A unique competitive positional battle. Random tile draws are a little frustrating, but this is among the deepest tactical games I know of.


Extremely deep and vicious tile-placement game; abstract civilization building. A bit random, and hard to find others that enjoy it. The abstraction doesn't sit well with people. I really want to love this game, but the random factors don't sit well with me.


Near perfect area control game with perfect scoring mechanic.


Didn't like this game at first but I kept mulling over the game for a couple of weeks afterwards. Mulled long enough to buy. Good thing I did so because this is a fun-filled jaunt to be sure. I think I like this game with open scoring. It makes it more likely that conflict will be a big issue in the game; plus that's how I played it PBEM. 2006-11-18 - Bought 2008-07-09 - PBEM 2010-10-16 - Sold at Fallcon 23 2010-10-15 - Bought at Fallcon 24 (funny, huh?) 2019-01-13 - Sold; Richmond gamer


It's quite easy for one player to get too far ahead very early, especially when playing with new players. In later stages of the game, choices become very limited. Still enjoyed playing.


A decent, albeit quiet, puzzler masquerading as a semi-war game with Knizia's great scoring twists that cause real problems for a player's domination strategy in one area. Scoring incentives are key to the theme (which, ultimately, is paper-thin).


An interesting twist on the civilization genre. Instead of building out a tableau, players seed the Eyptian desert and witness the rise and fall of empires. Once the few rounds of peaceful growth pass, the game enters a state of constant flux, where monuments will be built, usurpers will rise, and civilizations will be fractured by war. Tactics rule, but medium-term strategies are necessary as well. The rapid escalation the game undergoes after a few monuments/buildings have been placed is incredible, and helps round out the scope of the game. Tigris and Euphrates taxes your brain in a unique way, and while not being very accessible, it is vastly rewarding.


didn't appreciate in until my 5th play... a classic


(2/17) 8. A classic and much deserving of the title. Just a fantastic, fantastic game that is full of interesting choices. Extremely deep, but not necessarily that heavy or overly complex. Both my plays included players new to the game and they were able to figure things out after a turn or two. My onlllly complaint, and it's quite minor, is that it's a touch long but that's mostly due to players being very careful and thoughtful about their moves (at least in our games) and not because of the game. (10/17) Raise to 9. Such a brawny, thoughtful classic. My #16 favorite game of all time.


A good game requiring strategy and balance to succeed. The lowest score of each of your colours win forces you to balance yourself so as to get a high score overall instead of trying to dominate in one area.