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The 3D nature of the board makes me want to feel the stucco of the buildings. This game has a most interesting dice mechanic and I have fits determining whether the camel strategy is as good as it appears to be -- knowing there is a debate about such things in the BGG community. I refrain from reading too much about it since I wish to discover the game (and its affiliated strengths and weaknesses) on my own terms. I've enjoyed my time spent with this title, and seek to do so further in the near future.


This beautiful area control game is pretty fun. Maybe a little swingy, but it is fast paced and seems to have potential as a medium filler.


It looked fiddlier than it was from the lack of text, but didn’t take too much explaining. I liked that it was quicker than a similar (newer) game would be today.


Unremarkable themeless dice drafting cube pusher with a turn-order catch-up mechanism that really hurts the game: the person to the right of the player with the lowest score goes last in Rounds 2 & 3. This means in a 4p game, that person goes last twice and only goes first once in each of those rounds. This is an asinine and arbitrary punishment that players have zero control over.


Nice colours on the board but the 3d buildings confused me. A nice game, great use of dice but somehow it seems to be missing something. 2016-07-17 - River Market


It's a solved game. Done. Next.


(10/17) 8. One of those old school Euros that I just love. Simple rules, plenty of strategy. Love, love these kinds of games.