Champions of Midgard

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A very solid worker placement game. It is easy enough to tech to a relatively new gamer yet has plenty of choices to satisfy a more experienced player. The Valhalla Expansion adds a ton to the game without over complicating things and can be easily included in a teaching session.


I'm truly shocked that people compare this to Lords of Waterdeep. Lords of Waterdeep is a far superior game and a true euro (though lightweight). This is Ameritrash all the way. Way too much dice chucking and random/lucky effects. I suppose it does feel a lot like somebody took the basic idea of Lords of Waterdeep, then removed the engaging quest elements and card play, added a bunch of dice/luck and vikings and called it a game. If LoW didn't exist, I might play this again, but since it does I don't think I ever would have a reason to.


7.6 / 2-4p Best 4 / 60-90min / Strategy 174 / 2.54


Has elements that remind me of Mission Red Planet, Clank!, and Viticulture. The art is cartooney but well done. The theme is relatively strong for a eurogame.


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An incredibly enjoyable worker-placement game with a nice push your luck mechanic. This is probably my new go-to gateway game for new board game players.


An awesome worker placement that's fairly light, which works well with the dice rolling combat. The theme is excellent, and all of the action spaces are fun to use. However this drops half a point because it is kind of weak at 2 players, its definitely best at 3-4. Feels like it could really use a good expansion!


Looks like this one is replacing Lords of Waterdeep for a lot of others. I think they both have room in a collection, so I might looking at getting this one soon. I like the theme better and the dice rolling is always fun. We have a member in our game group that has a copy, so I'm in no rush to get it.


8.5 with the expansion