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This seemed to be way to much work manipulating the mancala for the amount of fun involved. Which, in turn, makes for an overly long game for the amount of fun involved. There are many games I'd rather play. I'll admit the mancala was interesting, but ultimately it's not enough interesting to build a game on that has so much other stuff going on too.


Weight: 3.68 / 5


Designer: Stefan Feld (Castles of Burgundy, Bora Bora, La Isla, Merlin, Delphi, Amerigo)Publisher: Quined GamesPlayer count: 2-4 (best with 4) Weight: medium heavyMechanics: Mancala / set collectionSetting: Roman empireTheme: weakPlay time: 90-120 minutesThe mancala system works brilliantly and is a mini game in its own. In fact, the game feels like several mini games with all the different sections (military, building, trading, etc.). One of my favourite Feld's and a definite keeper in my collection. Deserves much more play time.


Classic. Evergreen. Feld... best Feld?


Run-of-the-mill point-mongering, differentiated by its excess of moving parts and an obtuse action selection mechanic. I was not impressed.


1.5 x


Interesting mancala type game engine. Lots of critical decisions and actions aren't always immediately available because of the manacala. Enjoy that the players control the pace of the game and decisions must be weighted against the people's demands.


Want Master Print edition.


One of my favorite games. There's so much going on and you have to pay attention to what your opponent is doing or you'll fall significantly behind.


Probably the most complicated game that I have played yet. I really liked the mancala mechanic for choosing your action. Also trying to get specific colors of beads in specific cups for your trajan rewards provides competing reason for moving certain cups. This makes for a fun little puzzle and really makes you have to plan ahead.


So much going on I hardly know if I grasped this game. Sneakily won my first game with lots of ship combos. Would likely take a few games to really get the hang of it.


I really enjoy Stefan Feld's "point salad". He has yet again put together several mechanisms in a way that makes for exciting and fun gameplay. Quick turns, many meaningful decisions. That's what make a game great.


FULLY SLEEVED 60 x Swan PanAsia Mini Euro: Standard (SWN-006, 160/pack) - (45 x 70mm)


I feel like this takes some finicky mechanics from Macao and polishes them. This game is great. Lots of routes to victory that all seem reasonably well balanced. If other players are completely ignoring one of the methods of scoring, a sneaky player can really snag a lot of points. Very interesting game, and the turns go by very quickly which is a blessing for such a long game.


Fun brain challenge. My partner finds that there are too many things going on that it doesn’t present her with a direct strategy. But after more plays is starting to develop her own strategies.


Fun brain challenge. My partner finds that there are too many things going on that it doesn’t present her with a direct strategy. But after more plays is starting to develop her own strategies.


Six mini-games bolted together and loosely integrated through a somewhat clever mancala-based action selection mechanism. The mancala is essentially the entire game, and the multi-player solitaire feeling is off the charts since your inevitably going to be more focused on how you can move your mancala pieces effectively than you are on what your opponents are trying to do. Not an unpleasant game, necessarily. It kind of fits in that same Feldian, mid-weight relaxing, point salad MPS frequency that Castles of Burgundy does. But CoB has focus. Trajan is all over the place.


2 plays only


[Draw bags for randomize some tiles]


My favourite Feld so far. I grabbed the Broken Token organizer and it's made the setup pretty damn simple. If you like stringing together a whole bunch of interesting actions together for a megacombo, this is the game for you. I think the theme comes through more than people give it credit for.


Brain burning good time. Trying to maximize the mancala with the various paths to victory make for an amazing game.