Escape Plan

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I'm terrible at this game - but it is very fun.+ great components + lighter than it looks+ easy to understand gameplay - wish there were more tiles to mix up gameplay


Kickstarter Edition


The production quality of this game is off the scale! The hexes are huge , the cardboard is thick, the meeples are screen printed! As far as the game goes, there is a lot going on, some might say too much. For a game supposedly about finding the exit to the city you spend a lot of time doing random stuff. You are visiting businesses to withdraw your investments. You are going to safe-houses to pick up keys. You are going to stores to use those keys to open lockers. You are going to hospitals and clinics to heal bullet wounds. You are going to gang strongholds to recruit gang members. You are going to churches for... I can' even remember! The board is littered with ways to get one time effect tiles and extra turns and asset cards. There are helipads, heliports, ferries, and jet-skis to help you get around. You have to keep track of money and notoriety and health. Turn order changes with big effects on game play and everything has secondary effects and set bonuses and end game scoring. Finally, everywhere you go you have to avoid the cops. All of that and the the game only has three rounds of three turns each; that's right, only nine turns in the entire game. I just spent so much time trying to say what was in the game that now I don't have the time or energy to say how if feel about it. For everything that is in this game and in this box, the one thing that it didn't have much of was fun.


This is a great game with a fun theme, but the scarcity of things you can do is really punishing. It’s quite possible that the last player to try to escape won’t be able to bribe the cops & get a zero score. That has happened to me twice.