Ra: The Dice Game

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Not as good as Ra (it's missing the auctions), but still a respectable game, and one that I'd play again. Update: Great shorter alternative to Ra, with the same feel. Easier setup and teardown, as well as smaller footprint, and plays well 2-player (unlike Ra).


Knizia is undisputably the master of dice games, and this may be his best. It's perhaps a touch longer than what most would want out of a dice game, but man it's cool--the grid system for monuments, in particular, is inspired. I am unsure how much it feels like Ra, aside from the obvious similarities in terms of pushing your luck, but I really don't care.


This is probably best titled, "Ra in less than an hour." Not as much fun as Ra, to me, but it's still very good.


Enjoying this dice game. Love how interactive it is as players compete to do better in each area.Highly recommend it for a dice game. Better with 3/4 than 2.


The best yahtzee-style dice game I have played. It's not too long and there are lots of strategic options surrounding your dice rolls.