Xia: Legends of a Drift System

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1-5p All contents in base game box.


I never would have thought that I could enjoy a game that involved so much dice rolling this much.


Awesome game, setup time is a bit long, but well worth it. Easily my favorite game and will be for quite some time I'm sure.


A sandbox game that, for me, justifies sandbox games. I'm a sci-fi fan above all other genres, so that probably helps. I usually play optimization puzzles, but this is not that. It is pure, fantastical fun.


Great game system, but lack of good solo option caused me to trade it.


First proper game today, though we played only two players because it was a rules clearing for tomorrow when we will have more people playing it. Really really enjoyed it. It was the first time we have had the NPC ships going and WOW they really made the game better. I have found that the game can really be set in its path early if two worlds appear close by that are buy/sell partners...someone that capitalizes on that quickly goes quite far ahead. --------------- You just have to go with it in this game. There are wild swings of luck and sometimes someone can jump out to a ridiculous lead based on a quick turn around of trade and the like. I am not thoroughly convinced that you can win without doing some level of trade to begin with. Each time I play this game, I try to focus on just ONE certain aspect and try and milk that for points, but the trading - especially salvaging - aspects of the game give you the best chance. Also, the game loses a little bit of its thematic excitement with me because salvaging, harvesting and mining are all done the exact same way...


Congrats on making it so high on The Dice Tower's top 10 list on pickup and deliver games.


Finally got to play. Game was a ton of fun. Even though I ended up in Xia.


This is the best adventure game. It's also the best sandbox game. To pull both off with a relatively simple ruleset seems almost impossible, yet here we are.


3-5 players (best 3) 60-180 minutes


Too random, no bothered what happens on other people's turns, juts boring. 60-90 play time is not accurate should be more like 2-4 hours. Not a game for me...