New Angeles

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Taking me a long time to give this a rating. I think that I really like this game. But I also think that I really do not like how long it takes. If you could take this exact design and fun but concentrate it into half the game length it would be a favourite. The fun is just stretched out too much.


a bit too long for my liking


Tedious as all hell. I somehow managed to last 3 hrs and gave up as we were still probably another 30-40 mins from finishing. I would never recommend this to anyone as there is much better strategy games elsewhere.


(3/17) 8. I LOVE games with player interaction and open negotiation, so I really, really enjoyed this game, even if I didn't play my first time it in optimal conditions...very little sleep after a long day out in the sun. That said, I had a really fun time playing it. Loved how stressful it was and the fluctuating alliances. The length though, 4 hours, is going to make it a tough one to play regularly though I'm definitely looking forward to that next game, whenever it might be. (10/17) Drop to 6. Cooled on this a little just because of how long and sapping it is, though I would definitely, definitely be down to play it again as a sort of "main event" game.