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Love this game. Solid 10. It's not a 4X despite the looks. Solid solid worker placement with area control. Tons of different set-ups. Satisfying art. Nice minis (that smell of play-doh!) Once you know what you're doing play is fast fast fast! We can get a 3 or 4 player game done in 60-90 minutes. So satisfying.


This is a solid area control / euro game, disguised as a war game. While the art and miniatures are top notch, I found the gameplay to be a bit... slow and plodding? I would definitely play it again, but I don't think that I would buy it for my collection.


Decent game, but maybe too much emphasis on the production value (which is admittedly pretty good).


Only one play, but I enjoyed it. It took a while to learn, but once you do go through everything the turns are really straightforward. It's weird how all the boards are different and get mixed/matched with each game, so it makes it sort of puzzly in what you get and what you can do each game. Not sure if it makes a huge difference in the end or not. I wasn't blown away, but the game was pleasant enough though it was slightly long, maybe that speeds up with more play. I'm interested in exploring this further.


Great looking components and well thought out gameplay, but it's not as exciting as other games.


I love that this is a very well thought out strategy game and yet it's easy to learn the rules. I also like the fact that it isn't focused on combat, although you will need to combat other players every now and then. Excellent game, highly recommend it. Even more fun with 5 players.


Weight: 3.36 / 5Includes Board ExtensionIncludes Legendary BoxIncludes Neoprene MatIncludes Metal Coins (base and green 2c/purple 50c)Includes Kickstarter PromosIncludes Extra Promos (Meeplesource)Includes Purple and Green Battle WheelIncludes Encounter Expansion


1-5 players, asymmetrical 4x euro game, heavy weight, 120 minutes.Rating based on 3 solo games and 3 plays with 3 and 4 players. I can perfectly understand the hype, which was primarily based on art work and theme, and as far as I;m concerned the game delivers on its promise. The different factions all have their own unique abilities which make for a different game each play, also combined with the random player board, which calls for a different strategy each play.People looking for a heavy combat game will be dissapointed, as combat is minimal in the game, however the threat of combat is constant, which, in my view, works very well.I've tried a few games against the AI on easy (Autometta) and normal (Automata) level and that's also a nice experience, which allows you experiment a bit with the combinations and strategies. COnsidering to acquire additional Automa packs in orde to play against mutiple AI's. Also might consider buying the expansion, which adds two new factions to the game.


I mainly play this solo, and it's a really challenging system. Really good game mechanics, engine building is so fun, the art is amazing, just an overall really good game. I imagine the expansions would really shine with a regular gaming group, but find that they don't really work well for solo players.




I've only played it once. It was good. I would play it again. I don't think it is one the greatest games I have ever played though. Good though.


July 2016. My first real Kickstarter! I was concerned that it wouldn't live up to the hype, but I'm happy to report that it met and exceeded my expectations. This is one of my favorite games right now. I look forward to playing it many more times over the years. July 2016Returned rating to a 10. I've played 6 solo games, which is pushing it back up for me. I don't usually care about solo gaming that much, but with my limited time lately, it's nice to be able to knock out a game in the evening in about 90 minutes including setup and breakdown. August, 2016.I'm still in love with this game. I haven't been able to play for over a month, but still have TWENTY NINE plays so far this year (that's just from late July through late October!). Solo mode has been great. I've also been solo-testing a campaign I've designed, playing 4-player games by myself. I've gotten a ton of use out of this, and I truly regret not going all-in on the Kickstarter. I've ordered the metal coins, and maybe someday I'll get the realistic resources. I love this game so much. December 4, 2016


Theme and artwork is amazing! The game is simple to learn and easy to teach others. It starts slow but ramps up quickly and turns do not take long after the initial rounds. Only downside is that the game ends rather abruptly. Right around the time you start making big moves and upgrades, the game ends suddenly.


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Scythe is great for veteran board game players, but can be too much for more inexperienced players. The game is well designed, but oftentimes is too long. At least one player will realize they have no chance of winning, and will then complain the rest of the game. Also, get boxes for all the meeples.


Invaders from Afar & The Wind Gambit. Beautiful, thematic, and more importantly such a pleasure to play each time. With the varied setup each game it is always different enough to always wonder what each game will turn into.


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Basically everything I want in a short strategy game.


Only own digital copies.


Played a friends copy a few times. Pretty good. I don't think it lives up to the hype surrounding it however. But it is good, and I will play it again, just not something I will suggest every time we get together.


Excellent game. Really enjoy it. I play it a bit more tactically than strategically after less than 10 plays, but expect to "graduate" soon as I learn the different capabilities of the factions and player boards. Looks more daunting than it is. Rules fairly simple to remember and implement. Your choices are a delicate balance. To me, it lives up to the hype.


Collector's Edition. Awesome game! I played it four times in the first week I owned it which I have never done with a big game before. Even my wife loves it and she doesn't really care for complex games with a lot of rules. This one hits the sweet spot between accessibility and complexity. I certainly wouldn't call it a gateway game but I could definitely see teaching it to and playing it with anyone that could handle games like Catan, Small World and Lords of Waterdeep. This is my favorite game of 2016 and the best game/value that I have Kickstarted. It's early to call, but this game is almost certainly destined for my top five. This is the example that game publishers should be striving for in terms of components, rulebook, iconography, art, ease of access, replayability, accessibility and value. Our first three-player game took three hours but our next two with the same players took only an hour and a half each (we played them back-to-back, it's that good). Turns are near simultaneous with three players, so there is very little downtime. The game is very intuitive and after the first few turns, you know what to do and how most things work. From that point on, it's a matter of learning how to optimize your actions and developing an overall strategy. There are five asymmetrical factions, each with their own special abilities. There are also five different player mats that have the same abilities but with slightly different costs and benefits. Each game you play, you get a different combination of these. Then you add in different secret objectives, different factory abilities and different end game bonuses for buildings and you get a heck of a lot of replayability. If I had a complaint (and I don't) it would be that there isn't a whole lot of player interaction during the game. The board is big enough that you can pretty much do your own thing in your own corner of the map without much interference. I am sure in four or five player games there is a lot more interaction as players jostle for resources and space. Super game! If you like worker placement and area control, you should love this one! Expansions owned: Invaders from Afar, Wind Gambit


Early rating is tentative but very promising. It is indeed much less about combat than economy management, which is as the game describes. Whether this serves to mitigate or mask the problems often inherent in multi-player conflict games is yet to be seen.


This is a tough game. Tons of mechanics included, tons of thing to remember, not easy to set up (at least 10 minutes if you are alone), hard to explain. Not a good game to play with a newbie. But if you know how to play it, it's fantastic. No luck, only strategy, and there are different way to win. And you doesn't have any idea who is the winner till the game ends.


First let's get this out of the way. Scythe is basically an overproduced euro... And I LOVE IT!! This game is all about efficiency and posturing. With the threat of war. It has a very ominous vibe throughout the whole game. I think people see mechs and think that this is all about dudes on a map and combat. If you go in with that attitude you will be very disappointed. This game is about building an engine and managing resources. You need to try your best to figure out which 6 stars you will be going for and then go. It might very well be that combat and area control will be a path to your victory or it might be setting up an engine of pumping out tons of resources and avoiding all combat as much as possible. As far as calling a game a 4x or not. I hate how people can get so riled up over terms. I don't care if it fits into that "box" or not. I think the game does an excellent job of giving you the feeling of a 4x game all within a shorter time. (a hour and a half) For me that's why I often prefer to play Scythe over those other games. It won't be very often that I could get a group together to play some epic 6+ hour epic game. So I play Scythe instead.


Collector's Edition


[COLOR=#FFFFFF][b][size=12][BGCOLOR=#FF0000]Have Game Want Accessories[/BGCOLOR][/size][/b][/color]. [COLOR=#ffffff][b][size=12][BGCOLOR=#000000]Want 3D Factory[/BGCOLOR][/size][/b][/color] Want the Neoprene Mat & Rise of Fenris Geek Bit Bags (have the other faction bags)


This game just doesn't click with me. It's a decent game. It has some unique mechanics. It's interesting enough that I'd play it more but it mostly just feels... unsatisfying.


1-5p Sleeves Legendary Box Automa in base game box


This was an odd game for me. I found it to be impressively clean and elegant, but not particularly fun or engaging. Not for me I guess.


Kickstarter Project - Backed: 10/13/2015 - Funded: 11/05/2015 - Pledge Level: Pledge $99 or more: "COLLECTOR'S SCYTHE - 1 board extension (50% bigger hexes), all wooden resource tokens replaced by realistic resource tokens, individually numbered box, 80 custom metal coins, 4 plastic resource containers, 1 copy of Scythe (includes all 25 miniatures), 1 Factory promo pack, all stretch goals, and money-back guarantee ($172 value). Add up to 2 more copies at $99 each." - Payment: $99 - Survey: 11/05/2015 - Projected Delivery: 08/2016 - Shipped: 07/01/2016 Status: DELIVERED


I have almost everything Scythe related. I fell in love with this game shortly after it was commercially released and my love for it has not waned years later. It's a perfect mesh of complexity with iconography that once understood (which is easy to do) feels simple! The different factions work your brain in every which way - and you over time you will realize that there is a group of people that believes every single faction is overpowered....which to me means that they are pretty balanced ( balanced as asymmetric factions CAN be). Scythe will always be a collection essential for me.


Whether with other gamers or against the Automa in solo mode, I am finding Scythe to be incredibly challenging and rewarding. An atypical 4X in that it emphasizes combat (and never eliminates units), it offers a plethora of choices and decisions only get harder (and the right ones more rewarding) as the game goes on. It's already crept from 8.5 to 9 in my estimation and once I give The Wind Gambit a try it could very well climb more.


Love this game and the more I play it the more I love it. It brushes the edges of an RPG with a great little world to play out in. I still feel it ends to abruptly, but that's probably what makes me keep coming back to it.


This game feels like Copycat, in that it shamelessly steals mechanics from other good games in an attempt to make one cohesive game, but without the satire. The end result is typical of the designer; a reasonably good game with nothing remarkable or groundbreaking about it except for the amount of chrome applied.


Had a blast each time playing this. Plenty of paths to victory and the different combinations of boards give this a lot of replayability. The only negative in my mind is the encounter cards all feel the same.


So far, Scythe has lived up to the hype. The artwork is beautiful and there's so much to do that you can take a different approach each game and still be competitive.


Immediately engaging and with a presentation that matches form and function to a degree rarely achieved in modern games.


fully painted "table top" quality


I enjoyed it, but the lack of interaction is pretty disappointing. I was hoping for something a bit more cutthroat and a bit less point salad.


Well, I have to say that this game lived up to the hype. I like that there are 25 unique combinations of player powers. The unique miniatures for each country is a nice touch. It incorporate some economic elements, some exploration elements, some war game elements, and some engine building elements. I am realizing that I am a true euro gamer and as such the combat was the least satisfying part of the game for me. I can't wait to explore this more!




But not this one. I've played twice. It's my least desired of all the ones I've played. My buddy backed the KS and made sure to get everything deluxed. Beautiful components, but like many of Jamey's designs, it appears he's taken his favorite bits of previous games and stuck them in whatever current one he's designed. I think it worked for Viticulture and Euphoria. I just couldn't get into this one. I'm still figuring out all the hype that was generated on the box cover art alone...


A resource management game with huge variability, individual player powers, various avenues to victory, hard choices that don't take a long time, reasonable play time, amazing artwork and a little optional conflict thrown into the mix. A 10, especially after the addition of The Rise of Fenris INCLUDED: Scythe: Invaders from Afar Scythe: The Rise of Fenris Scythe: Metal Coins Scythe: Encounters


SOLD: 2017 RECEIVED: 2016


After one play: I really really don't understand what people see in this game. After giving this game a second chance: When looking at what the rating system says here, I had no choice but to drop my rating of this game down to a 2. Because for 2 it says "Extremely annoying game, won't play this ever again." The nicest thing I can say about this game is that the metal coins are really cool. The artwork, close up, is good, but the overall presentation looks like a giant Technicolor yawn. I suppose if I got sucked into the hype and spent a fortune on this turd I'd probably be trying to convince myself and others that this game is awesome, too. But I didn't, so I am telling you that this game definitely is not for me as it annoys me and I won't play it anymore.


way overrated, good looking but boring on board


Best: 4 Time: 90-115 Min Weight: 3.38




I love love love this game. It feels so smooth and satisfying. I love upgrading, I love the "cold war feeling" it engenders. I love the engine building. I can't be reasonable about this game. I just love it.


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With Premium Coins


Only played once so far, but it was very exciting and had a fun blend of mechanics.


I really can't say anything more than this is definitely in my top 3 all time games. Pandemic Legacy, Cosmic Encounter, and now Scythe to round it out


I really need to play this more to be able to eloquate my thoughts.


I haven't gotten to play with more than 2, but solo and 2 player is fantastic and it's supposed to be even better with 4/5


k/s backer for collectors box. Pledged £70.93 Notes i keep forgetting! -A structure can be built- on the factory -Anyone can carry resources, only mechs can carry workers -When taking the bottom row action, if you have already enlisted , the player to your left and right and you get a benefit 4 games in, rating a 7.5 for now. 5th game in have changed rating to an 8. This was another four player game and loved it!




Kickstarter Limited Edition! Promos and realistic resources, larger board. I also have Invaders from Afar, the Wind Gambit, and Rise of Fenris.


Very nice art. Innovative rolling action system where turns are brief and sort of bleed together as one player finishes their bottom action while the turn passes. Conflict is simple and tangential, the real game is the euro engine building and action selection. Stegmaier does strong work. Wife won our first game. She also really liked it. So I won too :) Rise of Fenris is fantastic.


Absolutely love this game, even though I'm really bad at it. The theme paired with the gameplay is fantastic, and the fact that it plays so smoothly and is simple to teach are all super welcome


Definitely not for everybody (as it can be a bit harder to learn), but it's a fun, beautiful, and extremely well-designed game.


Awesome. Has lots of replayability