Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small

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by t2

Sam's birthday present 2012.


It was fun until it wasn't. The game is fine, just very, very dry.


Fun two player game that gives enough strategies to play with experienced gamers and simple enough for non gamers as well. The Mechanic of having to do EVERYTHING in the game is a little annoying, but still doesn't take away from the game. Overall is still a fun game.


Would generally prefer to just play Agricola due to the cards. There are better med/light two-player games.


A very interesting variation on Agricola. It has much of the same action tension, but I wish it could have even a taste of its big brother's upgrades and action bootstrapping.


What a great game. You want to do so many things to improve your farm but the game limits you with the small number of turns. It's like Agricola concentrated into a small, great game.


I got this game used as part of a larger purchase. I had heard it was OOP and that it was worth more than the asking price. My wife and I enjoy Uwe Rosenberg's Patchwork so I figured it was worth giving another 2-player game a shot. This game is a quick yet solid worker placement game. If you really try to make fast decisions, you can play an entire game in 30-35 minutes; however, decisions are usually more difficult as you develop your player board. I have yet to try its first expansion but a quick look through the new tiles it offers gives me reason to believe it will greatly improve upon any limitations of the base game.


2 player


Good two player version of Agricola. Focusing on animal farming only and doing away with the cards makes this a 30 minute game. INCLUDES: Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small – More Buildings Big and Small Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small – Even More Buildings Big and Small Agricola: The Goodies


2-player only


A good 2-player worker placement game. Nothing too deep, it knows when to leave before it overstays it's welcome. The base game can get a bit bland after only a few plays, so you'll probably need one of the expansions soon thereafter.


Extremely formulaic for grown-ups.


A really fun game without the stress of the standard Agricola. It’s an interesting puzzle to solve, trying to just lay out the land and get as many animals as possible. The production quality is fantastic, though, we would of course, loved to have shaped resources.


Excellent tiny box euro. Highly recommended for couples. Wife is mostly positive about it. Will try to get her to play it some more to see if she gets more into it.


2, 30m


Can play in 20 min easily. It's not quite the same feel as Agricola but setup and tear down is waaaaay faster.


This game gets played by my wife and I. I appreciate the streamlined gameplay, we can finish quick enough. I appreciate that we have some fo the expansions as they do add quite a bit of replay ability.


A simple, yet interesting, worker-placement game. It offers quite a few strategic choices, at least with the expansions.


Without the 'More Buildings' expansions this is one of the least replayable experiences available; surpassing Smallworld's 'Tales & Legends' as the world's most imperative expansion. I find the animal management aspect of Agricola very interesting, but it fails to interest me as a standalone. Maybe its because you can't turn them into food, and instead struggle to build enough fences. Despite its shorter length and its lighter feel, I'd prefer 2p Agricola nearly 100% of the time.