Hipster Dice


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Based on the underground German phenomenon Nichteinechteswürfelspiel and updated with vintage rules, Hipster Dice is poised to be the perfect game to play while you're waiting in line at the second-hand clothing store. Get it before it's cool. It even has a pretentiously hipster name, since it only includes one die.

The rules are characteristically evasive but the gist is: there is a six-sided die. Each side of the die represents a category: music, drink, literature, fashion, movies, and food. One player rolls the die and has one minute to declare a factoid concerning the rolled subject. If everyone accepts the factoid as true, then play passes to the left. If someone challenges the factoid, then that player has two minutes to disprove the statement using whatever electronic device is handy. The winner in the challenge scores one point. The winner of the game is declared when that person scores five points. Players will have to provide their own score keeping units and electronic device for research.


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