Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game

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I love this game. I enjoy anything that creates interesting and unpredictable interactions between people. Each character having their own objective is a great way to spread distrust. Lots of variable player powers and hidden hands prevents quarter-backing and we always play that with the crossroads cards you don't describe exactly what will happen mechanically, just the narrative always makes it more tense. Love being the traitor but also really enjoy being a regular person as the game gives you plenty of choose even then.


Wonderful game with a pain-in-the-ass setup, but well worth if you have an invested group of gamers. Thematically on key, visually appealing, and great quality of components. Not my favorite, but a gem in its own right.


In love with this game. Will never turn down an opportunity to play it!


A zombie-themed BSG of sorts. Borrows some mechanics from various games. In addition to BSG, it also shares ideas from Mall of Horror (locations with characters attract zombies), Castles of Burgundy (roll dice, then choose action based on die results), and Robinson Crusoe (events, crises, food/item requirements). Would be much less interesting without a betrayer, IMO.My only criticisms are that 1) the voting mechanic doesn't work well. There should be 2 tiles (one "Y" and one "N") for each player to use rather than the simultaneous thumbs up, thumbs down.2) The players can either make or break the game. Like most "experience" games, the mood of others at the table can affect the gaming experience in both positive and negative ways.


I only thought this game was okay. Maybe it would be better if I were in a different mood, but when I played this, I thought it took entirely too long and wasn't really fun. I thought there was no reason I should work with the group because if I did, I would not be able to complete the goals why would I want to help my group, therefore, everyone in the game basically became a traitor to the group because they wouldn't work with anyone.


Have played this four times so far and introduced it to a new group of people each time, everyone has loved it! The mechanics are great and the threat can really mount up quickly if your not careful.An amazing game


Fun game, would like to play again. May become part of my collection.


Co-op, Walking Dead themed. Very mediocre. Either too hard or too easy. Supposed to have a hidden traitor mechanic but never play with it.




Lots of player interaction and I personally like the chance of their being a betrayer in the game. Gameplay is easy and the theme works for me--I get immersed. The game is tense as you roll the die when you wander out into the cold or reveal what cards have been given to beat the crisis. My main wish, is that more of the crossroad cards activated. I feel like we have to skip at least 50%+ because the right character is NOT in play.


Love the theme! Takes a little bit to teach all the players all the different rules but it's worth it!


Best zombie game I have played.


The production quality is amazing and I love the premise of this game with a possible traitor. Plus, it seems to work great with only 3 players and there's even a 2 player variant. However, the games that end up with no traitor feel disappointing. There is no wow factor and the rest of the game feels too mechanical and too long. It's too dependent on luck. All you're doing is rolling dice and drawing cards from the top.


Thematically one of the best games I've played. The swings that can happen in the game, from finding the wrong card at the wrong time, to triggering a Crossroads card that throws a major wrench in the works, really ramp up the tension. This is seriously one of the most immersive games out there. The artwork is superb, the components are great quality (especially for cardboard chits), and it looks impressively intimidating on the table. Yet, it's a blast. A "Medium" game can last about 2.5 hours or more, so I wonder how long a "Long" game would go. One of the best purchases I've made, and one of the few games I've given a 10-star rating to.


Bland, dull, over-hyped, and really felt like a zombie theme pasted over a collection of mechanics (and it didn't work well). Frostbite, cardboard punchout zombies in an era of great plastic minis, taking out the trash, character dice of death, and far too many of the famous "crossroads" cards that you could simply ignore... IF they even came in play... added up to "blech".


Rating would change if we had a higher player count.



Great game, with lots of replay. How To Play: Have The Broken Token organizer for it.


The crossroads cards are fun and very thematic, but the victory conditions seem not at all balanced. So, if not enough crossroads come out, all you're left with is some seriously wonky balance; some victory conditions are trivial and some are impossible, based merely on the scenario. There's not enough meat here as a strict co-op, and the other stuff is all over the map. Disappointing.


1-5 Best with 4




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This game is very good, though not a much so as its hyped up to be. I'm still happy to play it.


This a great game that my game group really got into playing. It is highly recommended.




I received this game in trade and I'm really happy I did. I've only played it once as a 2-player game and I suspect we did not follow all of the rules for a 2-player variant. However, as the trader, I really enjoyed going through the cards, rolling dice, trying to complete secret objectives (a thing I love to see in games), etc. I'm hoping to play this again with more people this Halloween season!


SO STRESSFUL! I love the stress of meeting the objectives and surviving. Well...hasn't been played in over a year now. Update: Not great at 2 players. We've got another friend who owns this, so no point in keeping our copy since we would never play just the 2 of us.


Only good with possibility of betrayer...don't play without that piece.


This is the first game I've played that I feel truly transcends the labels of "Eurogame" or "Ameritrash". It's incredibly thematic and uses some brilliantly streamlined mechanics (like the Exposure die!). I absolutely love this game and would recommend it to anybody who asked, but I'll just lay out the couple issues that kept it from being a 10 for me: 1) Why bother including the "long" objectives? Nobody wants to play a 6 hour game. We played one accidentally and had to give up after 2 hours when it was clear we had at least another 4 hours remaining. 2) The board(s) make it look pretty soul-less. It looks ugly and intimidating on the table.


Early on it's easy to see just how well this game makes you feel that your decisions really matter. Love everything about it so far, theme, components, ease of learning. 4/9/2018 -- The experience, in retrospect is more about the interaction of the players at the table; if your group is not OK with selfish playstyles or take that, skip it.


Early on it's easy to see just how well this game makes you feel that your decisions really matter. Love everything about it so far, theme, components, ease of learning. 4/9/2018 -- The experience, in retrospect is more about the interaction of the players at the table; if your group is not OK with selfish playstyles or take that, skip it.


Best: 4 Time: 60-120 Min Weight: 3.01


9/18/17: Dice rolls add a little bit too much luck to this game. Can have a pretty uneventful, boring, straight obvious loss game if you roll poorly enough. No amount of strategy can fix that issue. Otherwise still super fun.


Would rate the game an 8.5 if it was not Zombie themed.


Dice and card draw dependent games that are lengthy and heavy such as this are really no fun to me. I hate to lose something I've invested so much time into over something so random. That said, this game can be enjoyable, and it's theme was executed extremely well. I just can't rate it higher.


After our 3rd 3 player game. Game stats so far: lost our first game due to low morale. won our second game, going to the police station sure helped. everyone else won the third game and i failed on the secret objective. no betrayer cards yet. dice tower promos - i aint dead yet, lets settle this, drop out, this tastes funny, ive suffered worse, you selfish jerk.




I have come to accept that I really don't like cooperative games that much. That being said, this is a good one. It may be a bit more complicated than it needs to be, but it has a nice mix of mechanics. The crossroads cards can seem to be unneccessary at times, but they really add a nice thematic element. The challenges are not as interesting as they could be, but they definitely add challenge. Balancing characters is important and adds a nice twist. I enjoyed playing, which is novel for coops. I would play it again.


Due to my mistake on a previous trade of DoW: TLN this game has the box bottom of The Long Night. Everything in the box is correct, the box bottom is just for the expansion and not the base game.


Fantastic game, I love the way they ratchet up the tension with just the fact that there MIGHT be a traitor. Gameplay is take it or leave it, but the theme works well for me


Based on my only play, I was a bit underwhelmed. It has too much luck for a seemingly strategic game. There were definitely points where I made the incorrect choice (I put the good of the colony too far ahead of my own good), but I was definitely hurt by some very poor rolls. I got all of my high rolls and good searches in the early game. In the late game, I could do nothing and when I did try, I lost characters for it.


Need to play more before rating. A fair bit of stuff to keep track of, but the theme and crossroad cards are fun.


Love dead of winter. I want to play it more. Very fun game. Highly recommend you try it if you like co-op with a possible hidden traitor in your group. It really is Walking Dead the game if you watch the TV show and like it, pick it up if you can find it!


This games is really fun with the right set of gamers. If you’re playing with people who get excited about the story and understand the traitor mechanic it’s awesome.


The value of this game for me is the story and them. And not because I particularly love that story and theme, but because other people, especially non-gamers, love it. This is a game where people can make thematic decisions and look back at what happened as a great story.


The game, that dares you to beat it. Needs a group who's played before though as explaining the rules can take forever, only to go sideways by not having a strategy. Recommend always starting with the simpler objectives before "randomly selecting".


Wasn't a huge fan on my first play. I need to give it another chance.


This game has spread like wildfire in one of my gaming groups. A casual-gaming friend picked up a copy, and we played twice with a group of mostly non-gamers. Everyone freaked out, and several have since gone out and purchased their own copy. I have witnessed many people have "Oh! I didn't realize there where board games like this..." moments, but none have been as fast nor engrossing as those that DoW has insighted. The co-op nature of the game keeps it accessible, while the 'traitor' aspect keeps it tense. It also has one of the best risk-reward mechanics I've seen as players must balance food/resource scarcity, and the dangers associated with venturing out of camp. And the red die is ruthless.


Some of my thoughts on this game are in the BSG review. I love the crossroads cards, I love a lot of the theme. I love how HARD this game is. Having to complete a side objective while also working towards the main objective while ALSO working to not look like a betrayer is difficult to balance, and makes the decisions another layer of difficult. It's brutal, with a 1/12 chance one of your characters will die from doing much of anything of value. If anything, it's so difficult being the betrayer is almost too easy. I really like this game though.


Extremely tense and thematic zombie apocalypse game that my SO and I love to play, whether with just us 2 or or a group of friends. It's so easy to come back to this game over and over bc the theme is so easy for people to recognize and the gameplay is just so fluid. UPDATE: Gave this copy to my Brother-in-Law who lives a couple of hours away. It's good to know that my games are going to good homes!


Theme/Art: I love both. The art is really good and the theme very immersive. It surprised me how dark the game is, some crossroads cards are really intense with cruel decisions to make. Production quality: No miniatures (but none needed), all standees and lots of token. The location cards could be thicker, but aside from the it's very good. Replayability: There are many crossroads cards, different personal goals, different team goals, different crises, etc. so replayablity should be no problem. Depth/Difficulty: It takes a bit to explain and to get all of it, but it's not the heaviest game I own. I weight it a 3/5. Strategy: Depending on you being the traitor or now you have to plan your steps. You have to avert crises, achieve your personal goal, and also achieving the team goal. And you have to kill zombies. A lot. Luck: There are dice involved and the crossroads cards are random and you don't know the trigger, but it's not too much dependent on luck for my taste. Dead of Winter is a great game and depending on the mission takes between 30 and 180 minutes to play. I really like the crossroads mechanism and the dark theme and if you like zombies, I recommend getting the game. The only complaint I have is that during short missions one player can be lucky and do all the work while the others can't do much. But that only happened once.


Dagfinn has this.




This game is always so tense. Can be hard to teach newcomers sometimes, but once they start playing it all clicks into place. We've played so many games where no one wins because it's often so difficult to do your personal objective while not failing the main objective. The cross road cards are great too and we always play them where the person has to make a choice without knowing what the actual reward/consequence is. Love it.


(7/16) 8. (10/17) Drop to 4. I should probably play this again. Just took too long and was too fiddly in retrospect. But happy to be proven wrong!