Blue Lagoon

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It seems OK? I know it's not the same game as Through The Desert but I should probably choose one of these two games to keep and get the other off my shelf. I can't imagine ever wanting to play both so I need to commit to one.


I think Knizia's back. I came in with low expectations and was completely blown away. The two-phase structure is fun and interesting, the scoring multi-layered but easy enough to grok, and the decisions tense and agonizing. As a note, comparisons between this game and the Doctor's prior work--while understandable--is overblown.


This is a simple game, played over two nearly identical rounds. But although the game play is simple, there is quite a bit of strategy and conniving interaction. The multiple methods of scoring make it difficult to be a generalist or a specialist, but keep you on your toes looking for ways to score points as well as block your opponents from scoring points. The game is visually beautiful and comes with quality components. A good gateway game for beginners, as well as a good strategy game for seasoned gamers.