Knight Fight is a dice game for two players lasting around 5 minutes, that sees two brave Knights face off in mortal combat. The objective of the game is to score three hits on your opponent.

The game is played with two sets of polyhedral dice: d4, d6, d8, d10x2, d12 and d20. The d4, d6, and d8 represent weapons, the d10 gauntlets, the d12 a helmet and d20 a shield.

The game is set up by both players rolling their d12. The result is each players' Defence number. The number the opposing player needs to beat to score a hit on them. This Defence can be added to when the player chooses to Defend.

Players secretly choose dice to roll, and roll them simultaneously onto the table. Players can choose to Attack (with a weapon and a gauntlet), Defend (with a weapon or a shield), Jostle/Disarm (with a Gauntlet) or Regather (where a player only feigns to roll dice, allowing them to return dice rolled on previous turns to their hand).

The dice results are compared and players may retrieve only one of their rolled dice, the rest are "placed with their squire".

The game can be played using optional Knight and Items cards that introduce variable player powers and greater tactical depth.

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Knight Fight

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