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Can right strategy alone change history?

Was defeat in the Pacific War inevitable for Japan? Could you set the goals needed to end the war and use the Imperial Japanese Navy in greater effect, which was the strongest in the world at that point, in order to achieve different results? An "if" scenario that history could not forgive, but may be investigated through a simulation game.

[Pacific War] is a strategic level simulation game of the naval operations in the Pacific from 1941 to the first half of 1944. Players become commanders of the Japanese Imperial Navy and the Allied navy, which is centered around the US navy, and have to plan a strategy and execute it in order to win the war.

Even though the rules are simple and cover only 4 pages, a unique gaming system is adopted. Similarly to the actual warfare in order to maximize the efficiency of your aircraft carrier task forces will require experience and a significant amount of trial and error. The designers notes and detailed example inside the provided play book, are designed to help the players get a grasp of the game.

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The Pacific War: From Pearl Harbor to Philippine Sea

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