Wish You Were Here is a uniquely-aesthetic puzzle experience. You are the detective, and these 5 carefully-crafted postcards contain every answer that you're seeking.

Use your knowledge of codes and ciphers, your ability to research and cross-reference, and your creativity and outside-the-box thinking to solve the myriad puzzles and mysteries contained in the cards.

Wish You Were Here is different from many other such puzzles in a few key ways. First, everything you need from us you will receive all at once. There are no subscriptions, no mailers, no waiting around for more information before you can finish solving the puzzles.

You also won't need to damage or destroy any part of these cards in order to solve them (although photocopying is encouraged if writing on the cards will help you). That way, upon completion you are left with a beautiful set of cards that you can either save as a keepsake or pass on to a friend to see if they can solve the mystery as quickly as you did.

Research is not only recommended, but will also be necessary to solve many of these puzzles as they are set in the real world and use actual facts from history, geography, science, etc. You won't be expected to know much information off the top of your head (although some familiarity with common puzzle types will help you out) and Google is a useful tool. Similarly, here are a few other tools that might prove useful in these, or other, puzzles.

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Wish You Were Here

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