Rogues To Riches


As you sneak your way through the governor's mansion, the door suddenly shuts behind you. Suddenly a swarm of angry bees fill the room through vents in the side. The noise is deafening. You know you have to act fast, but not too fast or you'll break a priceless vase and the governor will come running with his filibuster rapier. All you have on you is a disguise kit, a 2x4, and some really powerful magnets, but you've been in worse situations. Can you make it through to grab he treasure, or rather, can you at least convince your friends that you can?

In Rogues To Riches, you and your fellow players are master thieves, each guarding a priceless treasure in your trap-filled lairs. You must try to sneak through each others' traps using a small selection of random tools. While you are at the mercy of the dice, convincing your friends that you truly do have a master plan will give you bonuses. At the same time, a truly terrible plan will reduce your chances to zero. With randomized lairs, traps, treasures, ad equipment, each plan is guaranteed to be unique. The game ends when all but one treasure has been stolen and the thief with the most defeated traps and stolen treasures wins!


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