Football is no longer just a game. This futuristic version of the all-American pastime puts a new spin on the sport. Global football has moved beyond the restrictive rules of the U.S. Football League. Physical enhancements have made the sport more intense and more deadly. Players have developed distinctive skills to overpower enemy players. Some are fast. Some are strong. All are out to eliminate their opponents.

Plan your strategy to get safely into the end zone. Your opponent will do everything he can to destroy your players and take possession of the ball. Can you overpower them and score a touchdown? Score 2 touchdowns and you'll be the BATTLEBALL Champ!

Game includes 22 Colorfully Detailed Miniature Players, Zinc Football Pawn, 13 Dice, 20" X 44" Gameboard, 24 Carnage Tokens, 2 locker Room Cards, 2 Team play Tokens, and Instructions. Made in the USA with plastic playing pieces, zinc football,, and dice made in China. Colors and parts may vary from those shown. For 2 players ages 8 years and over.

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Battleball Game the Future of Football

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