Fury of Dracula (Second Edition)

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Fury of Dracula is gothic board game of cunning, terror, and deduction. It is playable by 2-5 players in 2-4 hours. This re-design of the 1987 classic features streamlined mechanics and high-quality components, including finely-detailed plastic figures and durable cards and tokens decorated with atmospheric art.

Fury of Dracula includes: Rule Book, Game Board, 5 Plastic Miniatures, 1 Dracula Sheet, 1 Dracula Reference Map, 4 Hunter Sheets, 2 White Hunter Dice, 1 Black Dracula Die, 1 Red Train Die, 220 Cards, 75 Event Cards (25 Dracula, 50 Hunter), 70 Dracula Location Cards, 40 Item Cards, 5 Reference Cards, 12 Hunter Tactics Cards, 8 Dracula Tactics Cards, 5 Agent Tactics Cards, 5 Dracula Power Cards, 81 Cardboard Tokens/Markers, 45 Encounter Markers, 15 Blood Tokens, 4 Health Markers, 4 Bite Tokens, 3 Heavenly Host Markers, 1 Consecrated Ground Marker, 3 Continue Markers, 2 Time Markers, 1 Roadblock Marker, 1 Dracula Vampire Marker, 1 Hunter Resolve Marker, 1 Day/Night Marker

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