Magic Maze

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Well. My 8 year old daughter loves it. I really enjoy it too. We played all seven intro scenarios, only losing the last one by a couple of seconds. I have tried it solo. It was OK, but I am not really one for solo games. This is a keeper. Might take the place of Escape as my go to co-op. Might also take its places as my short, stressful, thematic crowd-pleaser.


Cool and novel cooperative game. All players control all characters but each player can only move them in a certain direction or do a special action like place new tiles or use escalators. The twist is that it must all be done in silence with the sole aid for interaction of a huge red token that you can use to inform another player that you want them to do something ALREADY!!! Kids love it.


INCLUDED: Magic Maze: Maximum Security



1-8 players (best 4) 15 minutes


W/ Promo: Brettspiel 2017 tile Simple chaos is the best way to describe this game. We want to get deeper into the game but we're usually teaching new players too. Also, the "do something" pawn is most definitely a relationship-killer.


(10/17) 8. Fun party of (mostly) non verbal communication. Really high stress as you don't want to be the person letting the team down, but at least the lack of talk leads to less quarterbacking. Also, super easy to teach.


In Germany


This is a great Team Building game for lunch time at the office!