The Big Idea


A party game of outlandish inventions! You've just invented the "Kiddie Monster" or the "Submarine Fireworks". Now, you must sell them! THE BIG IDEA is a hilarious game of inventing and selling, where players try to market wacky products like "Desktop Chainsaw" or "Mentholated Shampoo". Sound easy? Maybe that's because you've never had to come up with the perfect sales pitch for the "Non-Stick Toupee"! Simple, quick and incredibly funny, THE BIG IDEA is tons of fun for everyone! The Big Idea is a true party game (originally from designer James Ernest of Cheapass Games). Players have a hand of adjective and noun cards and pair one of each together to create a fancy invention. They then take turns pitching their ideas to everyone in the game, lobbying players as if they were in front of a crowd of venture capitalists. Players then secretly vote on which idea they feel should be rewarded, placing a reward card face down in front of the chosen invention and blank cards in front of all other inventions. The player who collects the most rewards wins the round.


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