Dream Home

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Played twice at SpellenSpektakel. My son and I has a lot of fun playing so I brought it home, where we played again Very light family game, the drafting mechanism works well and the rooftop cards are a nice element as well. Doesn't get much playtime with us anymore, but it's still an enjoyable game from time to time.Verdict: undecided, willing to trade.


Have played the app version quite a bit since getting it. This would likely work well with a couple of the groups I play in.


Very simple drafting game that works far better at a higher player count. If the cards draw right you can kind of right 'first choice' to victory, but it is not easy. Will be keeping this game mostly because my wife likes it. It may have replaced Ticket to Ride as her favourite game. It has replaced Sushi Go as her favourite drafting game!


A very accessible game (my 4yo daughter and 90yo grandmother both love it), yet the drafting mechanic has just enough meat to keep a gamer engaged. Oddly enough, the box is very cheap quality while the game components are great.


Very fun, simple, family game. It has a decent amount of choices without being too difficult. As a two player game we just completely ignore the discard rule and leave the market completely open. The artwork is fresh and cute. We especially love the finding kids tie-breaker.


Dream Home is highly reminiscent of Sushi Go, with the addition of a minor spacial element. Its equally cute and breezy, but has a stronger theme. he draft is in the Rochester style which enables spiteful play, and introduces an interesting element of drafting the first player marker. The functionality bonuses and placement restrictions add to both theme and strategy.